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Education is a subject that is formally taught in college. But in general, a person who aspires to be a teacher will learn about teaching by observing his or her own teachers, of whatever subject.

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Q: Who teaches a teacher how to teach?
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What is the root word for teacher?

I would assume teach, for a teacher is one that teaches. sometimes refered to as "teach" for short.

What is the plural form of teacher-in-charge?

There is no plural form of the word "teach," which is a verb.For plural subjects, use teach. (we teach, you teach, they teach).For singular subjects in the 3rd person, the form is teaches (he, she teaches).For the slang word for "teacher", the plural could be "teachs."

What are some words with teach in it?

Nonteaching Schoolteacher Teach Teachable Teachability Teacher Teaches Teaching Teachings

What is the bond of knowledge between the teacher and the student?

The teacher teaches because the student does not know. Once the student knows, they then can teach.

What subject did Mrs. Dodds teach?

Mrs. Dodds was a math teacher.

Is teaches a noun?

No, the word 'teaches' is not a noun; it is the third person, singular, present of the verb to teach.The noun forms of the verb to teach are teacher and the gerund, teaching.

Who is a person that teaches?

A person who teaches is a teacher

What does a science teacher do?

one who teaches science

What is the synonym of educator?

teach, school, train, develop, improve, inform, discipline, tutor

Would you rather have a strict teacher who was fair and taught well or a teacher who was relaxed and fun but didn't teach very well?

The purpose of a teacher is to teach - not to entertain you. Anyone who is interested in learning would prefer the teacher who teaches well. Those who are looking to waste time would prefer the relaxed teacher.

How many times is the word teach mentioned in the Bible?

Teach 123 teacher 68 teachers 73 taught 59 teaches 14 teaching 89 teachings 9

What does mk teacher mean?

MK is the short form for Milton Keynes which is a large town in England. MK teacher therefore means a person who teaches or is qualified to teach in the town.