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Q: Who uses mathematics to purpose untested ideas?
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Who uses mathematics to propose untested ideas?

experimental scientist

What is the uses of discrete mathematics in daily life?

we use discrete mathematics in industry and business

Why do You Uses Mathematics?

because we need to count

What is the branch of mathematics that uses letters called variables in place of numerals?

Algebra is the branch of mathematics that uses letters called variables in place of numerals. Algebra is an extremely important foundation of every branch of mathematics.

What is contemporary mathematics?

Contemporary mathematics refers to mathematics in general application and can be used anytime, anywhere and regardless of who uses it. In general, business mathematics and mathematics of investment may be well classified under this category.

How mathematics is related to Chemistry?

Chemisty is applied physics which is applied maths!!

What is the uses of zero 0 in mathematics?

To indicate nothing is there.

What are the uses of icosihenagon?

it is the most important item in mathematics

What is the purpose of a rhetorical analysis?

The purpose of a rhetorical analysis is to examine how an author uses language and persuasion techniques to convey their message to the audience. This analysis helps readers understand the effectiveness of the author's argument and how they communicate their ideas.

Who uses petroleum and for what purpose?

everyone uses it and the purpose for it is to help generate and power electricity.

What mathematics is used in finances?

Management accounting uses lots of 'discrete mathematics'. Financial markets & related jobs use a lot of economics based mathematics. Look for any book on 'financial mathematics'.

Does chemistry use mathematics and if you are great with math will you have problem with chemistry?

Yes, chemistry uses mathematics. But being great with mathematics is not enough for studying chemistry: you must enjoy the subject.