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Who was Albert Speer and what did he do?


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From documentaries I've seen on television, Albert Speer was Hitler's architect and became one of his closest confidants. He was responsible for most of the ornate building designs that promoted Hitler and the Nazi Party.


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Albert Speer is 184 cm.

Albert Speer was born on March 19, 1905.

Albert Speer was the Minister of Armaments.

Albert Speer lived in Mannheim, Germany. Albert Speer was an architect and Minister of Armaments and War Production for Nazi Germany.

Albert Speer died on September 1, 1981 at the age of 76.

Albert Friedrich Speer died on 1947-03-31.

Albert Friedrich Speer was born on 1863-05-06.

Albert Speer died on September 1, 1981 at the age of 76.

Albert Speer was born on March 19, 1905 and died on September 1, 1981. Albert Speer would have been 76 years old at the time of death or 110 years old today.

Albert Speer died of natural causes at the age of 76 while he was on a visit to London, England. 1905-1981

Albert Speer was Hitlers architect and German minister for Armaments from 1942 to 1945. Albert Apeer was one of Hitlers favourite people and both enjoyed eachothers company greatly as they both had architecture in common. Albert Speer joined the NAZI party in 1931 and 1934 Speer became Hitlers personal architect.

No albert speer did not build the concentration camps however many historians and much evidence suggests that Speer had knowledge of/links with the camps, in particular the Dora Camp.

Albert Speer was born on March 19, 1905.

Albert Speer did have a wife. Her name was Margarete Weber. He was a high-ranking minister in Nazi Germany's Third Reich. At the Nuremburg trials, he was the only Nazi who apologized for his actions.

There isn't really a general view of Albert Speer, various historians all percieve him differently depending on the sources they use and the issues in his life they choose to address.

Hitler's architect who slowly became more involved in the party.

Albert Speer was one of the highest ranking Nazis during Hitler's reign (primarily Hitler's chief architect and Minister of War Production). During the Nuremberg trials, he was one of the few Nazis who admitted culpability.

Albert Speer. Before his promotion to Minister, Speer and his wife planned to relocate to Kabul Afghanistan.

Albert Speer, Hitler's Armaments Minister, in February, 1945.

Albert Speer was he took over from Fritz Todt when he died in a plane crash.

"Sie müssen auf der Bühne stehen, wenn der Vorhang fällt." -- Albert Speer

He couldn't, he only saw the Holocaust as data on a spreadsheet as he worked in an office. He tried to distance himself from the Holocaust (after the fact).

Albert Speer (more infamous than famous) Anne Sexton Adlai Stevenson Arnold Schwarzenegger Amy Schumer

Paul Speer was born in 1952.

Dieter Speer was born in 1942.

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