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Q: Who was Alicia Villareal's first husband?
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Who is Alicia Key's husband?

She is married to her music producer Kerry 'Krucial' Brothers Source:

Who is richer Alicia or her husband swizz?

Swizz beatz

What is Alicia Keys' husband's real name?

Kasseem Dean

Who are famous actresses with first name Alicia?

There are several famous actresses with the first name Alicia. A few of the actresses are Alicia Silverstone, Alicia Goranson, and Alicia Leigh Willis.

What is Alicia's first name?

Alicia's (a-lees-e-a) first name is Alicia. duh!! and btw it is my friend Alicia u no the oone whoo likes Justin bieber! not Alicia keys and it is prounced A-LEES-E-A just to let u no cuz every1 has trouble prouncing it! so her first name is Alicia not bob not Jennifer not hfjhfhgsjggsjkhgs just ALICIA! ok bye

Who was the first singer out of Alicia Keys and Cheryl Cole?

Alicia Keys.

Why did Alicia Keys name her baby Egypt?

Because her husband wanted to name him egypt

Who is Alicia simmons?

Alicia Simmons is married to Mikey Way; the bassist of My Chemical Romance. Alicia is/was also the bassist for From First To Last.

What does Alicia Keys do on her off time?

she takes care of her family and son Egypt and spend alone time with her husband

What was wills message on The Good Wife?

He told Alicia that he thought she made the right decision to stay with and back her husband.

Is Alicia Keys Muslim?

no, shes an American Christian, or Protestant to Europeans.

What was Alicia Keys first word?