Who was Anne Frank?

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Annelies Marie Frank was born in Germany in 1929. Everyone called her Anne.

The first years of Anne's life was happy. She lived with her parents, Otto and Edith, and her older sister, Margot. The two sisters were opposites. Margot was calm and serious. Anne could not sit still!

That didn't stop them from having many friends in common. Some of their friends were Jewish, like them. Others were Catholic or Protestant.

The frank girls and their friends did not care that they came from different religions. But across Germany, a wave of hatred against Jews was starting to spread.

One of the people spreading the hate was a politician named Adolf Hitler. He made horrible speeches about the Jews, accusing them of being evil.

In 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany and soon gained control of the country. Life grew hard for Jews there. Anne's family decided to leave. They packed up their bags and headed to the Netherlands.

The Franks settled in the city of Amsterdam. For a while, they were safe. They lived normal lives. Anne's father started a company which sold ingredients for jam. Anne and Margot went to school.

Then Hitler's army invaded the country of Poland, and World War II broke out. Soon his army invaded the Netherlands, too. Everything changed for the Franks and for all the Jews in Amsterdam.

Now Anne and her sister had to go to a special school. They had to wear yellow stars to show that they were Jews.

One day in 1942, Margot got a letter. She was supposed to report to a labor camp.

Labor camps were awful places. People who went there were forced to work until they collapsed. Many of them died.

The Franks made a decision: They won't let Margot report to camp. Instead, the family would go to hiding.

Anne's father knew a place to hide. His business had a secret annex-an area with a few small rooms-attached to its offices. The entrance was hidden by a bookcase. The Frank family went there. Soon, four more people joined them.

Otto's assistant, Miep Gies, and her husband, Jan, brought food and news from the outside world. Three other friends helped, too. Everyone thought this was a temporary solution. The Franks figured they would hide for a few months. They didn't know they would live in the annex for two years!

Shhhhh! The family learned to live in silence. There was no talking, running, or even flushing the toilet during the day. Anne spent her time writing. Just before going into hiding, she received a notebook for her birthday. It was covered in red-and-white plaid cloth, and it closed with a small clasp in the front. Anne turned the notebook in a dairy. She described life in the annex. "We're as still as baby mice," she wrote. "I'm terrified our hiding place will be discovered."

Months passed. The war raged on. Countries banded together to fight Hitler's army. Their planes flew over the Netherlands, on the way to drop bombs on Germany. One evening, Anne heard on the radio how important it was to write down stories about the war. She realized her little dairy could be a valuable piece of history. Anne started rewriting her dairy, including more details. She hoped someday she could turn her story into a book called The Annex.

In August 1944, Anne's worst fear came true: Her family was discovered. The police came and arrested them. What happened? Did someone turn them in? The world will never know. After the Franks were taken away, Miep went into the annex. She spotted Anne's dairy on the floor. She picked it up and carefully hid it away in her desk. When the war is over and Anne returns, I will give it back to her, she thought to herself. She did not know that Anne would never come back.

The Franks were sent to concentration camps-brutal places where the Jews and other Nazi victims were imprisoned and killed. Otto was separated from his family. Otto survived camp. After the war, her began his long journey home. Along the way, he found out that his wife was dead. He had no news of his daughters. He searched and learned the terrible truth: Anne and Margot had died of Typhus, a deadly disease that had spread through the camp. Otto was devastated.

Otto was still in shock when Miep have him Anne's dairy. Otto began to read. He was astonished. Anne's writing was beautiful. It was hard to believe that such powerful words were written by a 14-years old. Otto remembered that Anne had wanted to publish a book after the war. He decided to respect his wish. Anne Frank: The Dairy Of A Young Girl was published in 1947. Readers everywhere were moved by Anne's story. Today the book is taught in schools around the world. Imagine fi Anne Frank had known that she would become one of the most famous and admired writers of all time!

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Fun Fact: Adolf Hitler Started World War 2
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Anne Frank was a German girl born in 1929 in Frankfurt, she was Jewish. In 1933 her family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands (Holland) in order to get away from Nazi oppression (persecution). In 1940, however, the Nazi invaded the Netherlands.

She is famous because of the diary she kept that documented her experiences while hiding from the German occupation in the Netherlands during WWII.

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who hid, with her family and others, the third floor of her dad's former business premises in Amsterdam to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. She lived there for two years and a month until someone turned her and her family in to the police. She ended up at a horrible camp (Auschwitz) . In October 1944 she and her sister were sent from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen, where they died of typhus in March 1945.

She wanted to become a writer.

In 1947 her diary was published in Dutch, and has been translated into dozens of languages. Otto Frank, her father, published her diary so the world would know her story.

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Q: Who was Anne Frank?
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