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Dicey (Laodicea) Langston was a 16 year old during the Revolutionary War and is considered a Patriot in her own right. She was a spy for the rebels, would hear what the Tories were up to and would cross the deep Enoree River in the dark of night to report to the revolutionary soldiers. Her patriotism to the American cause was so great it earned her the name of "Daring Dicey". Dicey later married one of the soldiers named Thomas Springfield and had 22 children. there is a monument today honoring her at Traveler's Rest in Greenville Co., SC. You can read more about her in the October 1975 edition of National Geographic.

Dicey Langston of South Carolina- her family, which ownedlarged tracs

She lived across from Loyalits and spyed on them and told all her Patriot friends

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