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Erasto B. Mpemba was a scientist from Tanzania who discovered that warm milk cools faster than cold milk while doing an experiment with his classmates.

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Q: Who was Erasto B. Mpemba?
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When was Erasto Mpemba born?

Erasto Mpemba was born in 1950.

What is the birth name of Erasto Filho?

Erasto Filho's birth name is Erasto Campos Filho.

When was Erasto Sampson born?

Erasto Sampson was born in 1975.

When was Erasto Nyoni born?

Erasto Nyoni was born on 1988-05-07.

What has the author Erasto G Sabuni written?

Erasto G. Sabuni has written: 'Zindera'

When was Erasto Filho born?

Erasto Filho was born in 1952, in Areal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When did Martรญn Erasto Torrijos Espino become president?

Martín Erasto Torrijos Espino became president on 2004 September 1.

What are applications of the Mpemba effect?

The Mpemba effect hasn't today applications. Unfortunately also any sure and validated explanations of the effect exist.

Does rubbing alcohol freeze like the Mpemba effect?

1. Today the Mpemba effect remain unclear and possible not true. 2. I suppose that any link exist between the so called Mpemba effect and the freezing of rubbing alcohol.

What are some practical uses for the Mpemba effect?

I suppose if you wanted to make ice cream really quickly, the Mpemba effect could come in handy...

Who is is Panama's current ruler?

Martin Erasto Torrjos Espino

What does the mpemba effect have to do with life science?


Is the Mpemba effect alaways true?

Not always.

How long was Martรญn Erasto Torrijos Espino president of Panama?

Martín Erasto Torrijos Espino was president of Panama from 2004 September 1 to 2009 July 1.

How did the mpemba effect get its name?

The Mpemba effect is named after a Tanzanian high school student Erazo Mpemba, who discovered it in the 60's. His class was making ice cream, where they used boiled milk and cooled it before mixing it in and freezing it. Mpemba wanted room in the freezer for his ice cream, because it was getting full, so he put it in without waiting for the milk to cool. To his surprise, his was frozen first. His teacher laughed at him, but he got help from a visiting professor, and they discovered it was true! :D

How was Martin Erasto Torrijos Espino chosen?

He was chosen by direct election in 2004.

Are there any practical uses for the Mpemba effect?


What is the mpemba effect?

is when hot water freezes faster then colder water (or other liquids)

What does the sceintist Mpemba discovered?

discovered that hot water freezes earliar than cold water.

Can hot water to freeze faster than cold water?

Yes. Hot water freeze faster than cold see Mpemba Effect.

Does hot water freezes faster than cold water?

Yes, hot water freezes faster than cold water as seen in the Mpemba effect.

How does warm water freeze faster than cool water and why?

Mpemba effect ,water evaporates faster so it has less water so it freezes faster

Does warm water freeze faster than cold water?

An unresolved question! See Mpemba Effect in wikipedia for the best experimental conditions for this anomaly!

Does the temperature of water effect the speed it freezes?

Yes. It is a proven fact by scientist that hot water will freeze faster than cold or warm. This process is called " The Mpemba Effect ".

How does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

answ2. This was first bought to the attention of science in recent times by Mpemba, and the Mpemba Effect is named after him.Optimal temperatures for this astonishing experiment are 35oC for the hot liquid, and 5oC for the cold one.Still not understood - maybe there is a Nobel in it?Archimedes noticed that in order to freeze a container of liquid, it was better to have it sun warmed first.