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Who was Gerald Ford married to?

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Gerald Ford was married to Betty Ford.

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they were married from 1948 until Gerald r ford died (2006)

Yes!Gerald Ford got married on October 15,1948 to Betty Bloomer.The couple had 4 children.

Gerald Ford was the US President that married Betty Ford. They married on October 15, 1948, when she was 31 years old. She was married to Gerald Ford for 58 years, until his death.

He was 35 when he married Betty in 1948.

She married Gerald Ford Sr. in 1916.

They were married in Grace Episcopal Church, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He and Elizabeth Bloomer were married on October 15, 1948,

No. Betty Ford (1918-2011) was married to President Gerald Ford (1913-2006) for 58 years. The first Henry Ford's wife was Clara Jane Bryant Ford (1866-1950). His grandson, Henry Ford II (1917-1987), was a contemporary of Gerald and Betty Ford.

the spouse of gerald ford was Rachel Ford

Gerald Ford was a Freemason.


Yes Gerald Ford was a Mason

Gerald and Betty Ford had four children who are :Michael Gerald Ford-born March 14, 1950, minister, oversees student organizatrion at Wake Forest U, married with three daughtersJohn Gardner Ford-born March 16, 1952, married Juliann Felando, has two sons.Steven Meigs Ford-born May 19, 1956 , actor, never marriedSusan Elizabeth Ford-born July 6, 1957, married twice, has two daughters, worked as a photographer

Gerald Ford had one daughter, Susan Ford.

Gerald Ford was 61 at his inauguration.

No Gerald R. Ford was not assassinated

Gerald Ford was a Republican.

Gerald ford was the 38th President of the United States

Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon.

I assume you mean Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter replaced Gerald Ford

Yes, Ford The Car Was Named After Gerald Ford - named after his surname ford.

Gerald Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska 1913.

Gerald Ford was born on July 14, 1913.

how did gerald ford affect american history

Gerald Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska.