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Rin was a kunochi and a medical ninja on Kakashi's team. Obito had a crush on Rin, but Rin liked Kakashi.

Obito died before he could tell her how he felt. Rin expressed her feelings for Kakashi, but Kakashi immediately brushed it off. He thought of himself as scum, and just wanted to complete the mission.

It has been established that Rin died, from what Kakashi has said in manga 425, but how she died remains unknown.

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Q: Who was Kakashi's teammate Rin from Naruto?
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Who is rin of Naruto Shippuden?

Rin was the teammate of Hatake Kakashi. She is presumed deceased, as Kakashi has said that all of his friends were dead.

Who is the girl in Kakashis team?

When he was in a team it was Kakashi, Obuto and Rin was the girl. If your talking about the Team 7 when Kakashi is the sensei it's Naruto ,Sasuke and the girl is Sakura.

Is rin from Kakashis team still alive after obitos death?

No, she is dead.

Is Kakashis teamate rin dead?

Yes she is dead, but noone knows how.

Who does Kakashi like in naruto?

Kakashi has a teammate name Rin but i don't think he likes her because he's just protecting her because of Obito's wish.

Is Kakashis face revealed in the Movie Naruto The Last?

No. It is not shown in the movie

What is kakashis second name of naruto?

Kakashi's full name is : Hetake, Kakashi

What happened to Kakashis teamate rin?

She is dead, but noone knows how she died.

Does Kakashi like anybody?

If you read a certain manga book Kakashi is young with his teammates and he does have a slight crush on his girl teammate who is a medic ninja like Sakura. I think her name is Rin.♥ The manga was called Kakashi Gaiden and she (Rin is her name) was in a flashback in the Naruto anime. It was episode 72.

Do they mention anything about Kakashis eye in the earlier series of Naruto?

yes in book 27 it tells the story of how he got it

In Naruto is Rin still alive?

No, Rin was killed before the series started.

Is ren in any of the Naruto episodes?

Rin is in Naruto episode 119