Langston Hughes

Who was Langston Hughes audience and who was he writing for?


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Langston Hughes would write for adults

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Langston Hughes was writing poem for people who were racist

Langston Hughes started writing poetry in 1929.

Langston Hughes started writing poetry in the 1920's.

Langston hughes wrote novels ,short stories and poems

The theme Langston Hughes is most known for in his writing is the diversity Of African American life.

Langston hughes started writing poetry when he was in high school

he started writing when he dropped out of college.

Langston Hughes accomplished his dreams by starting a writing career. He is the first African American man to provide a living for himself through writing.

Langston Hughes was good at writing and expressing himself while living in the times of the Great Depression and the Harlem Renaissance.

he started writing because he was lonely as a child

Langston hughes was gay and his gay sensibilities affected his choice of subjects for his poems and his approach to the feelings that he expressed.

Langston Hughes contributed to world war II by writing jinggles to incourage purchases of war bonds.

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James Hughes and Carrie Langston Hughes

He was best known for his writing, mainly poetry.

Does Langston Hughes have any brothers?

Yes Langston Hughes was a slave.

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Langston Hughes cherished reading.

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