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Lord Conroy was an attendant to Queen Victoria's parents. After the death of her father he became the Comptroller of the Duchess of Kent and was also reputed to be her lover also.

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Who was Lord Conroy to Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfield?

Their is no such title as 'Lord Conroy'. John Conroy was made a baronet and the style of address for him correctly is 'Sir John Conroy'.

How did Queen Victoria find out she was queen?

Princess Victoria recives news that she became Queen from Lord Conyngham and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Who told Queen Victoria that she was now the queen?

Lord Conyngham advised Victoria that her Uncle the King had died and that she was now Queen.

Who was the priminister who helped Queen Victoria?

Lord Melbourne

Did Queen Victoria marry Lord Melbourne?

No, Queen Victoria did not marry Lord Melbourne. The Queen's husband was Prince Albert. Lord Melbourne was Prime Minister when Queen Victoria came to the throne. He was devoted to the young queen and acted as her personal secretary as well as tutoring her in the politics of the day, but he did not marry her.

Queen victorias mother and the duchess of kent treated queen Victoria poorly along with which man?

lord melborne

Where did Queen Victoria live when she was a child?

Her early life was spent at Kingston Palace with her mother the Duchess of Kent and sir john Conroy her mothers adviser

Who is buried in saint paul's cathedral?

Queen Victoria Lord Nelson Duke of Wellington

Was King William IV related to Queen Victoria?

Yes, Queen Victoria's father, Prince Edward Duke of Kent was a brother of King William IV, making King William IV Queen Victoria's uncle.

Who was Queen Victoria Queen of?

Queen Victoria was queen of Great Britain

Who was Queen Victoria the queen of?

Queen Victoria was Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth

Who ruled Ireland in 1845?

Ireland was ruled by the UK appointed Lord Lieutenant who represented Queen Victoria in Ireland. In 1845 the Lord Lieutenant was Lord Heytesbury.

How did Victoria in Australia get its name?

QUEEN VICTORIA Victoria was named for Queen Victoria.

Is Queen Victoria retive to queen eilzabeth?

Yes Queen Victoria is a relative of Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth II is a great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria.

Is Queen Victoria alive?

queen Victoria is dead

How did Lake Victoria get its name and why is it named Victoria?

Queen Victoria (Queen of England)

What has the author Lord David Cecil written?

Lord David Cecil has written: 'Melbourne. --' -- subject(s): Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, 1819-1901 'Lord M'

Who was Queen Victoria huband and what did Queen Victoria call her biggest son?

Queen Victoria married prince Albert.

How old was Victoria when she became queen?

Queen Victoria became queen when she was 18.

Who was the queen before queen Victoria?

Queen Anne was on the throne before Victoria

What relationship is the queen to queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria is queen elizabeths great great grandmother

What relation was the kaiser to queen Victoria?

Kaiser Wilhelm II was the grandson of Queen Victoria. His mother Victoria was Queen Victoria's eldest child. He was also with Queen Victoria when she died.

Did Queen Victoria went to see Victoria falls?

Queen Victoria did not see the Falls

Did Queen Victoria smoke?

No queen victoria never smoke

When was Queen Victoria married?

queen Victoria was married in 1840