Who was Michael whittman?

Michael Whittman commanded a Tiger Tank on the Eastern Front and on the Western Front and took out 25 Sherman Tanks with his one Tiger in an ambush in Normandy.

He was of the 12 SS Panzer Division More correctly, Hamptsturmfuhrer (Captain) Michael Whittman was with the 1st SS Panzer Division Leistandarte Adolf Hitler. His exploits throughout the whole of WWII left him him with title of the most destructive tank commander of all armored warfare. He had at least 135 tank kills to his credit. Many of these being on the Eastern front in WWII. He did start his career as an enlisted man driving an armored car. He made his way up thru the ranks the hard way with inferior tanks and greatly out numbered. He was killed in June 1944 in Normandy with his whole crew. One exception was that his regular driver was sick so was not in the tank when it was destroyed. The Tiger 007 was Whittmans last ride. A rocket from a spitfire or hurricane hit the tiger in about the only place it could do serious damage, in the back. He was immediately buried by his comrades with his entire crew. His body was discovered during excavation for a road in 1982. He and his crew were interned with Military Honors at a German SS Cemetary in Normandy, France. The ironic thing about his death was that because he was the Battalion Commander he didn't have to go that day, but he wanted to be with his men.

Recent findings have revealed that 007 most likely took a hit from a Canadian Firefly tank of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers. The Firefly tanks were a British conversion of the American Sherman tank which upgraded the main gun to the British 17 pound antitank gun. This gun proved affective against the Tiger tank.