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The president of North Korea at the time of the Korean War was Kim Ill Sung hope this helps


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one key event is how north Korea invaded south Korea and that north korea killed south koreas president in nov. 24 in 1956

Kim ll-sung was the North Korean president.

A general leads the NORTH Korean army & a general leads the SOUTH Korean army. The names of those generals change, just as they do in every army. There are two Koreas.

KIM IL-SUNG was the President of North Korea during the Korean War.

Kim Il Sung, North Korea's first president.

Relations have stayed the same between the north and the south Koreas after the Korean War. They have had numerous clashes although better relations seemed possible in 2,000 after the north and south Koreas' leaders met in Pyongyang and decided to work toward peace and cooperation.

Douglas MacArthur commanded troops in the Korean War and opposed President Truman's Korean war strategy.

North Korean troops crossed in South Korea on June 25 1950 which started the Korean War...

The two Koreas are North and South Korea. We were divided into halves after a war. The war is not finished yet, we're just like taking a break. But nobody thinks the war would continue.

Why was President Truman against declaring war on China during the Korean War

It was fought in the north and the south of Korea with both sides making pushes into enemy territory. The war ended dead in the middle of Korea when the Chinese pushed the Americans back to south koreas borders.

You have to understand all of Korean history to understand North Korea, but generally they want to reunite with the south. They still hate USA over the Korean war, and they just want them off the peninsula. Korea was a united, sovereign nation before WWII and North Korea wants to return to that again.

South Korea-Syngman Rhee.(I am South Korea People) North Korea-Il Sung Kim.

Eisenhower found a way to end the Korean War very soon after he was elected President.

combat experience for north korean troops

The Korean War ended during the administration of President Eisenhower.

During the Korean War, the President of the United States was Harry S. Truman.

The Korean War. The country was divided on the demilitarized zone. No peace treaty has been made.

The Korean War started on June 25,1950 when the North Koreans invaded the South.

Communist China and the former U.S.S.R. But to a more limited "advisory" role. Mostly Communist Chinese provided the weaponry and following the push to the China/North Korea border they provided Chinese soldiers.

President D. Eisenhower.

The Korean War began while Truman was the president.

The Korean War of the 1950's WA the result of a North Korean attack on South Korea.

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