Who was Ted Bundy's attorney?

As a law school drop-out Bundy refused the first rule of the Bar. Never represent yourself. Bundy had such a huge opinion of himself that he felt nobody could represent him like he could. He was wrong. Although the court appointed attorneys to help Bundy with his defence, Bundy did the bulk of lawyering himself. And look at the result.

Bundy's only known victim to escape appeared as a witness for the prosecution. Carol LaRoche was cross-examined by Bundy himself, as is routine in a trial. She had to look into the face of the man that had tried to murder her and answer his questions. Experts felt this was just another way for Bundy to victimize LaRoche and they were right. But she remained poised and held it together and her testimony was very damaging to Bundy's case. He should have let one of his assistant attorneys question LaRoche but this was Bundy's show and he called the shots.