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Q: Who was The Battle of Adrianople was fought between?
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The Battle of Adrianople was fought between the .?

visigoths and Romans

In which battle did Valens fight the Visigoths?

the battle of adrianople

Where was the battle of adrainople fought?

It was fought ten miles outside of the city of Adrianople (nowadays the Turkish city of Edirne) on 378 AD.

Who was killed in the battle of adrianople?


What two countries fought in the Battle of Adrianople?

Loosely, you could say it was Rome against the Goths, although the Goths were not really a country, they were a ethnically related group.

Which side lost the battle of adrianople?

The goths won

Battle name of 378 of Romans?

Adrianople 378 CE.

What was the Battle of Adrianople?

first time Rome was defeated in 800 years

When and between whom the First Battle of Panipat was fought?

The First Battle of Panipat was fought on 21 April 1526. The battle was between Babur and the Lodi Empire.

What battle In was regarded as one of Rome's worst defeats?

The battle of Adrianople was one of Romans worst defeats.

What was the battle fought between the armies of napoleon and the duke of wellington?

The Battle of Waterloo, fought on June,18,1815

What were some of Valens's accomplishments?

He was most known for his defeat, and death at the Battle of Adrianople