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Julie curtis

Trace Adkins first wifes name was Barbara Lewis. she now lives in a small south Arkansas town and works in a cafe as a waitress.

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What is the name of Trace Adkins first wife?

Barbara Lewis.

Who shot Trace Adkins?

Trace Adkins was shot by his wife through the heart.

Who has the hots for hbk's wife?

trace adkins

Who is Rhonda Forlaw?

She is Trace Adkins' (country recording artist) second wife. They were married May 1997. Rhonda is Trace Adkins' third wife, not second. Trace divorced his second wife after she shot him. Yes, with a gun.

Who was Trace Adkins second wife?

Julie Curtis

Who was Trace Adkins third wife?

Rhonda Forlow

Did Trace Adkins ever cheat on wives?

Some news outlets have alleged that Trace Adkins was unfaithful to his wife, however, this hasn't been proven. His wife filed for divorce in 2014.

Who are Trace Adkins Parents?

Trace Adkins parents are Aaron and Peggy Adkins.

Trace adkins first wife?

Barbara lewis is the name of his first wife, she is the mother of his first two daughters. Julie Curtis is the second wife, she is also the woman that shot him. He is now with his third wife and he has a third daughter with her.

What is trace adkins wifes name?

As of July 2014, Trace Adkins has been married a total of 3 times. In March 2014, he filed for divorce from his current wife, Rhonda.

Is it true Trace Adkins first wife shot him?

No, his second wife accidentally shot him in a domestic argument. He is married for the third time now to wife Rhonda---they have 3 daughters.

When was Trace Adkins born?

Trace Adkins was born on January 13, 1962.

What is singer Trace Adkins' height?

Trace Adkins 6'-4"

Who is trace adkins father?

Aaron Adkins

What are Trace Adkins parents names?

Shasha Adkins and Bill Adkins

Did Trace Adkins wife Rhonda attend Iowa State University?

Yes - she graduated in 1987

Is Adele Adkins related to Trace Adkins?

No, they are unrelated.

How tall is Trace Adkins?

Trace Adkins is 6'6'' (six foot and six inches) tall.

What is the birth name of Trace Adkins?

Trace Adkins's birth name is Tracy Darrell Adkins.

How old is Trace Adkins?

Trace Adkins is 55 years old (birthdate: January 13, 1962).

When is trace adkins next concert?

is trace adkins having a concert soon if so how much are tickets

Where are Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton from?

Trace Adkins is from Sarepta, Louisiana and Blake Shelton is from Ada, Oklahoma.

Did Trace Adkins win the TV show the Apprentice?

no trace adkins did not win the other guy did i forgot his name though no trace adkins did not win the other guy did i forgot his name though

Who is the voice in the new Firestone tire commercial who sounds like C W McCall?

Trace Adkins “Drive a Firestone”

Does Trace Adkins have cancer?


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