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The Kapo who beat Elie Wiesel in "Night" was known as Idek, an inmate who was known for his violent and unpredictable behavior as a supervisor in the Buna warehouse. Idek's cruelty and abuse towards the prisoners reflected the dehumanizing impact of the concentration camp system during the Holocaust.

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Q: Who was a cruel Kapo who beats Elie?
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Who is Idek and what does he take from Elie?

Idek is a cruel Kapo, or inmate overseer, at the concentration camp in "Night" by Elie Wiesel. He is known for his violent outbursts and random acts of aggression towards prisoners. Idek takes out his anger on Elie by beating him mercilessly during a moment of frustration.

Who beats elie in front of an french girl and why?

Elie is beaten by Idek, a Kapo prisoner, in front of a French girl because Elie did not meet Idek's work expectations. Idek's violent and unpredictable behavior reflects the brutal and dehumanizing conditions within the concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Why did Elie Wiesel get 25 lashes of the whip from a kapo?

Elie Wiesel had seen Kapo Idek having sex with a female Polish prisoner. This was, of course, against the rules and Idek wanted to terrify Elie so that he would keep quiet about it.

Why Elie was whipped?

Elie was whipped in the concentration camp by a Kapo (a prisoner assigned by the Nazis to supervise other prisoners) for witnessing him committing a sexual act with a young girl. The Kapo whipped Elie to ensure his silence and prevent him from reporting the incident.

In Birkenau who beats Eliezer's father?

A gypsy Kapo.

Why is elie disciplined by kapo in the book Night?

Elie is disciplined by a kapo in the book Night because he witnessed the kapo having an affair with a French girl, which was strictly forbidden in the camp. The kapo likely disciplined Elie to prevent him from spreading word about the affair and risking his own position of power within the camp.

Who was the frenzy-prone Kapo who beat Wiesel in the warehouse in the book Night by elie wiesel?

Idek was the Kapo who beat Elie Wiesel in the warehouse in the book Night. Idel was known for his violent outbursts and unpredictable behavior towards the prisoners.

Who beats Elie in front of the French girl in 'Night' by Elie Wiesel?

The person who beats Elie in front of the French girl, in Night by Elie Wiesel, is Idek.

Why does Idek beat Elie's father?

Idek beats Elie's father in the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel as an act of cruelty and abuse of power. Idek, who is a Kapo in the concentration camp, frequently lashes out at prisoners to assert his authority and relieve his own frustrations. The violence illustrates the dehumanizing conditions and brutal treatment that prisoners faced in the camp.

Why is Elie Wiesel whipped in the book Night?

Elie Wiesel is whipped in the book "Night" as a punishment for witnessing Idek, a Kapo, having a relationship with a Polish girl. This incident shows the cruelty and brutality within the concentration camp where prisoners faced arbitrary and violent punishments.

What is the punishment Idek gives Elie for leaving the are assigned to him to work?

Elie is whipped by Idek as punishment for leaving his assigned work area. Idek is a Kapo who oversees the prisoners' work details in the concentration camp.

Who soothes elie after ideke beats him?

A French Jewess