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Boudica, Queen of Iceni Caligula, Roman Emperor Claudius I, Roman Emperor Du Shi, Chinese Governmental Prefect of Nanyang Emperor Guangwu, Chinese Emperor Emperor Ming, Chinese Emperor Hero of Alexandria, Greek Mathematican and Engineer James the Just, Important Figure in Catholic Religion and Christian Missionary Galpa, Roman Emperor Ma Yun, Chinese General Nerva, Roman Emperor Otho, Roman Emperor Paul of Tarsus, Christian Missionary Philo, Hellenistic Jewish Philosopher Pliny the Elder, Roman Author, Natural Philosopher, and Naval and Military Commander Pontius Pilate, Roman Governor Who Presided Over Jesus' Trial Saint Peter, Pope of Catholic Church and Christian Missionary Saint Thomas, Apostle of Jesus Seneca the Younger, Roman Stoic Philosopher, Statesman, and Dramatist Tiberius, Roman Emperor Vespasian, Roman Emperor Vitellius, Roman Emperor Wang Chong, Chinese Philosopher * Those listed as "Roman Emperor" did not rule at the same time, but is most well-known for that occupation.

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Was Jesus and Cleopatra alive at the same time?

Jesus and Cleopatra were not alive at the same time. Cleopatra died many years before Jesus was ever born.

Were the gospels written while Jesus was alive?

No, the Gospels were written after Jesus died and was resurrected.

Was Joseph his father alive when Jesus was crucified?

No he had died earlier.

Was Julius Caesar alive when Jesus alive?

Nope. He died about 44 years before the birth of Christ.

What do christians believe happened to Jesus?

That Jesus died for our sins on the cross, rose again, and that He is now alive.

Why do historians think that Jesus was born in 4BC?

Herod the Great was alive when Jesus was born. Herod died in 4 B.C.

When was Jesus Is Alive created?

Jesus Is Alive was created in 1991.

What did Jesus do when he was alive?

Jesus washed away our sin. Listen to this song: Yes Jesus loves me! Yes Jesus love me! Yes Jesus loves me! The bible tells me so. Jesus just died just for us.

How did jesus prove he was alive?

jesus proved he was alive by eating some food

Where was Saul when Jesus was alive?

King Saul and Jesus were not contemporaneous: Jesus died about 32 or 33AD but King Saul died about 1010BC. However, Paul the Apostle came from Tarsus and changed his name to 'Saul 'upon his conversion.

What are similes for alive?

alive as Jesus Christ

What Christianity was like when Jesus was alive?

Christianity didn't exist when Jesus was alive. It came about as a result of his death. Jesus was Jewish.

Was Mary alive before Jesus?

If Mary was the mother of Jesus, she must have been alive before him.

Were there any wars while Jesus was alive?

no there was no wars when jesus was alive because there were no guns or knifes

Does anyone know the title to this song He got up from the grave hallelujah praise His name He's alive He's alive Jesus is alive?

Jesus is alive...

Is througth that Jesus Christ die?

It is the truth that Jesus Christ died. The rest of the story - and equally true - is that He rose, alive, from the grave, under His own power.

Did Adolph Hitler kill Jesus?

No. Hitler lived many centuries after Jesus died. However, had Jesus been alive in Europe during World War II, Hitler would have killed him because Jesus was a Jew.

Was Paul alive while Jesus was alive?


Was St Luke alive when Jesus was alive?


When was mark from the gospel alive?

he was around when Jesus was alive

How is Jesus alove today?

How is Jesus alive today

Why is Jesus not alive?

Jesus is alive. This fact is witnessed to by millions of Christians who talk to him and experience him every day.

What do christians believe happened to Jesus of nazareth afte he died?

He was supposed to have become alive again and ascended to Heaven.

How old was Jesus when he died again?

We assume he died around the age of 33, however he was resurrected three days later and is alive and well today.

Did people have last names back then when Jesus was alive?

No! Back then, when Christ was alive, people went by, for example, Jesus, of Bethlehem, or, Jesus, son of Joseph

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