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Who was alive when Jesus died?



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Boudica, Queen of Iceni Caligula, Roman Emperor Claudius I, Roman Emperor Du Shi, Chinese Governmental Prefect of Nanyang Emperor Guangwu, Chinese Emperor Emperor Ming, Chinese Emperor Hero of Alexandria, Greek Mathematican and Engineer James the Just, Important Figure in Catholic Religion and Christian Missionary Galpa, Roman Emperor Ma Yun, Chinese General Nerva, Roman Emperor Otho, Roman Emperor Paul of Tarsus, Christian Missionary Philo, Hellenistic Jewish Philosopher Pliny the Elder, Roman Author, Natural Philosopher, and Naval and Military Commander Pontius Pilate, Roman Governor Who Presided Over Jesus' Trial Saint Peter, Pope of Catholic Church and Christian Missionary Saint Thomas, Apostle of Jesus Seneca the Younger, Roman Stoic Philosopher, Statesman, and Dramatist Tiberius, Roman Emperor Vespasian, Roman Emperor Vitellius, Roman Emperor Wang Chong, Chinese Philosopher * Those listed as "Roman Emperor" did not rule at the same time, but is most well-known for that occupation.