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Charles Thomas

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carl Otis trimble

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Q: Who was auburn's first black qb?
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Who was auburns first black quarterback?

Charles Thomas who lettered between 1978-1981.

Who was the first black QB to win a Super Bowl?

Doug Williams was the first black QB to reach the Super Bowl, and to this date, the only black QB to win, when he led the Washington Redskins to a 42-10 victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII. Doug Willliams-Washington Redskins

who was first black QB at the univ of Michigan wolverines?

Dennis Franklin is known as being the first black quarterback for the University of Michigan Wolverines.

How many Auburns are there in the US?


What is auburns name?

Gabby G.

When did Florida gators get first black quarterback?

Don Gaffney -- October 3, 1973. He lead UF to a win AT Auburn. Not only was he the first black QB to start a game at UF, but he was the first to start in the SEC! A Great Gator!

Was tony holm the first black qb for the pittsburgh pirates?

In the 1933 team photo, all the players appear to be caucasian, including Holm.

Who was the first black quarterback at southern Methodist university?

Ricky Wesson.Wesson was the first African American to start at QB for SMU on October 27, 1973 against Texas Tech.

What is auburns mascot?

Aubie is the Auburn university Mascot

Who was the eagles QB for their first Super Bowl visit?

Ron Jaworski was the starting QB for the Eagles in the first Super Bowl (SB XV).

Who was the first black NFL Quaterback?

Frederick "Fritz" Pollard is generally credited as the first black quarterback in professional football. He is also the first black football player to play in the Rose Bowl (1918). In 1923, playing for Hammond in the American Professional Football Association (The APFA was the forefather of the NFL) he called plays and took direct snaps from the center, although forward passes were rare in those early days of professional football. In 1953, Willie Thrower became the first black quarterback in the NFL's modern era. He was a backup QB for the Chicago Bears. Also in 1953, George Taliaferro became the first black quarterback to start a game in the NFL when he did this twice for the Baltimore Colts. The Colts were running a wing T and the ball would be snapped to Taliaferro and he would decide to run, pitch, or pass. The first black quarterback to start a playoff game and also appear in a Pro Bowl was the Rams' James Harris during the mid 1970s. The first black quarterback to win the Super Bowl was the Washington Redskins' Doug Williams.

Who was the first QB for the Denver Broncos?

Frank Tripuka