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Medusa, a gorgon, was turned into stone by Perseus.

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What is Perseus' Roman name?

The Romans only changed the names of the gods, not the heroes. So Perseus' Roman name is still Perseus.

What is Perseus famous for?

Perseus is famous for slaying Medusa, The Gorgon who if you look into her eyes she would turn you into stone.

Who got turned to stone by Medusa?

Perseus used her severed head to turn Atlas to stone. Later he rescued princess Andromeda from being eaten by a sea monster, which Perseus also turned to stone.

What is Perseus' ability?

Turn anyone to stone

How did perseus use medusa's head to help his mother?

Perseus turned his mother's suitor, whom she didn't like, into stone.

Who was rescued by Perseus?

Atlas-Perseus turned Atlas to stone so he could no longer feel his burden Andromeda-she was being sacraificed to Poseidon's sea monster when Perseus saved her.

What is Polydectes's true motive in sending Perseus to kill Medusa?

Polydectey's believes that Perseus will turn to stone and he will be Able to marry Perseus's mom

How did perseus keep from turning to stone?

Perseus, with the Goddess Athena guiding his hand, kept his eyes on the reflection of Medousa in his bronze shield and beheaded her.

What creatures does perseus kill?

Perseus kills Medusa, by cutting off her head, and the sea monster, by turning it to stone, using medusa's head.

Why can't Perseus look at Medusa?

Perseus can't look at Medusa because she will turn him into a stone statue but, Perseus can look at Medusa, he can just used a polished bronze shield to deflect the petrifying glaze.

What does Perseus give to Danae and Polydectes?

perseuse gives Polydectes medusa's head and they turn to stone but Danae doesn't because Perseus worns her daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What Up!

How did Perseus turn Atlas to stone?

He took the head of Medusa out of his bad. Anyone you looks at Medusa's face gets turned to stone.

How does King Acrisios die?

Perseus showed him the head of Medusa but then Acrisios turns into stone

How does Perseus avoid being turned into stone by Medusa?

He watched her through his reflective shield.

When was warwick castle changed to a stone structure?

it was changed into a stone keep castle in 1260 :)

Was medusa sleeping when perseus cut off her head?

No. Perseus had used his shield as a mirror to see where Medusa was without looking directly at her so he wouldn't turn to stone.

What is a Gorgon and why was Perseus sent to kill one?

A gorgon is a snake headed woman and Perseus was sent to kill one because the gorgan kept changing people into stone.

What was Perseus known for?

he was known for slaying Medusa A horrible gorgon ,a mythical beast which hideous features which turn victims to stone, he was sent by polydectes to slay her as a wedding gift to get rid of perseus in order to marry his mother. Soon after perseus turned a horrible sea beast to stone to save a princess which later became his wife of 6 kids (5 boys and 1 girl).He returned with the head and turned polydectes to stone as the king did not believe him so perseus showed him the head therefor ending the myth

Why did perseus have to approach Medusa with a mirror?

Perseus had to approach Medusa with a mirror because anyone who looked into her eyes would be turned into stone. If you look at her reflection, nothing would happen.

How does perseus kill the kraken in clash of the titens?

He used the head of Medusa to turn the Kraken to stone.

What is Perseus and the gorgon's head?

Perseus was a warrior who was sent to kill a gorgon by the name of Medusa. The gorgon's expression was so scary it would turn anyone who looked at it to stone. Perseus beheaded the monster by looking at it through a mirror rather than right at it.

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