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You will find your answer in Acts 1:23.

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Who replace Judas as an apostle?

Matthias was chosen by the disciples to replace Judas (Acts 1:26).

Who was elected to replace Judas as an apostle?

Matthias was chosen by the disciples to replace Judas (Acts 1:26).

Who took the place of Judas as the apostle?

St. Matthias was chosen by the apostles to replace Judas Iscariot.

What apostle replaced Judas?

the apostle matthias

Which apostle was chosen to replace Judas?

Matthias. See Acts 1:15-26.

Who was chosen to take Judis place?

Matthias became the apostle who was selected to replace Judas

How did the apostles choose a new apostle to replace Judas?

The disciples chose a replacement by casting lots. Matthias replaced Judas.

Who was St. Matthias before he was a saint?

Before Matthias died and entered heaven as a saint he was the apostle chosen to replace Judas.

Who was the 13th apostle?

In Acts 1, Matthias was selected to replace Judas. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) later became the 14th apostle.

Who is apostle who replaced Judas Iscariot?


When did Matthias replace Judas?

Acts 1:14-26 detail the account of Matthias being appointed as an apostle to replace Judas Iscariot, but he never actually became an apostle, because the Lord never chose him, Peter did. Apostle Paul was the one ordained by Jesus Christ to replace Judas. Galatians 1:1 - "Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead;)"

Did anyone replace Judas the apostle after he hanged himself?

Yes, Matthias (Acts 1:23-26)

Which apostle replaced Judas?


Who replaces to Judas iscariot?

The Apostle Matthias in Acts.

Who replaced judas ischariot?

Matthias replaced Judas Iscariot as the 12th Apostle.

Which disciple was chosen to replace Judas?

Matthias was chosen to replace Judas.

Who replaced Judas as an apostle?

Matthias. Acts 1:16-26.

How many of the apostles are saints?

All of the apostles, with the exception of Judas, are considered to be saints including St. Matthias who was chosen to replace Judas.

Who replace Judas?

Matthias was the name of the disciple that was picked after Judas died?

How was Saint Matthias appointed to be an apostle?

The appointment of Saint Matthias as apostle was unique because it was not made personally by Jesus. Instead, he was chosen by the remaining eleven apostles to replace Judas.

Who became the new 12th apostle after Judas?

Matthias was named the 12th apostle (Acts 1:16-26).

Who was Matthias in The Bible?

Matthias was the disciple who was chosen by lot to replace Judas Iscariot as the twelfth disciple after Judas committed suicide.

Who was Matthias or Thaddeus?

Matthias was the disciple that was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot as an apostle.This account is discussed in (Acts 1:15-26)Thaddaeus was one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus. He was also called Judas, the son of James. See Acts and the Gospels.

Did Peter replace Judas?

Yes. He replaced him with Matthias.

Who was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot after he committed suicide?

Matthias was the replacement for Judas Iscariot.

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