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Native American gold medal winning athlete!

How Ian Thorpe became famous?

Ian Thorpe is a swimmer who has won more Olympic gold medals than any other Australian athlete. He won 3 gold and 2 silver at the 2000 Olympics and 2 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze at the 2004 Olympics.

Who won the Jim Thorpe Award in 1995?

Answer . Here are the winners:. 2006 - Aaron Ross, CB Texas 2005 - Michael Huff, Texas 2004 - Carlos Rogers, Auburn 2003 - Derrick Strait, Oklahoma 2002 - Terrence Newman, Kansas St 2001 - Roy Williams, Oklahoma 2000 - Jamar Fletcher, Wisconsin 1999 - Tyrone Carter, Minnesota 199 ( Full Answer )

Who was Jim Thorpe?

he was a native American who won medals at the Olympics He also played football, played basketball when it was just starting as a sport, set records in track and field and was a major league baseball player.

Did Jim Thorpe ever coach?

Yes, Jim Thorpe coached for four years in the NFL. He was coach of the Canton Bulldogs in 1920, the Cleveland Indians in 1921, and the Oorang Indians in 1922 and 1923. His career NFL coaching record was 11-24-1.

What teams did Jim Thorpe play for?

Jim Thorpe played for the New York Giants (baseball) in 1913 and played sporadically with them as an outfielder for three seasons. After missing the 1916 season completely, he came back to play for the Giants in 1917 but was sold to the Cincinnati Reds early in the season. Late in the season, he ( Full Answer )

When did Jim thorpe get marry?

In 1913, Thorpe married Iva Miller , whom he had met at Carlisle. They had four children: Jim Jr. (who died at age 2), Gale, Charlotte and Grace. Thorpe was a chronic alcoholic in his later years. Miller filed for divorce from Thorpe in 1925, claiming desertion.. In 1926, Thorpe married Freeda V. K ( Full Answer )

Who is Jim Thorpe in the roaring twenties?

Jim thrope was the greatest althete of the 20th century, he was known for playing baseball, track and field, and football. Jim thrope was the greatest althete of the 20th century, he was known for playing baseball, track and field, and football.

Why couldn't Jim Thorpe keep his medals?

Jim Thorpe played professional baseball in 1909 and 1910. Although the Olympic rules of 1912 didn't forbade anyone athlete who played professionally, the Amateur Athletic Union, in 1913, retro-actively stripped Thrope of his medals.. Thorpe wrote a letter asking to be excused: "I hope I will be par ( Full Answer )

How much is a Jim Thorpe card worth?

Jim Thorpe cards sell within a wide range of prices at auction. Thelow end it could sell for is $3, and the high end is upwards of$6000.

How much did Jim Thorpe weigh?

Jim Thorpe was considered one of the most versatile athletes ever.He weighed 202 pounds. He played American football as well asprofessional basketball and baseball.

Where did Jim thorpe live?

where did Jim Thorpe live at He was born near Prague, Oklahoma, in 1888, then in 1904, he moved on his own to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he attended Carlisle Industrial School and was coached by Glen "Pop" Warner.

What was Jim Thorpe famous for?

Jim Thorpe was a world famous athlete. He won several Olympicmedals for running, and also played football professionally. He wasactively playing in the early 1900s, and his career lasted until1929.

Who are some famous Native Americans?


What tribe did Jim Thorpe belong to?

He belonged to the Sac and Fox Tribes. His native name was Wa-Tho-Huk, translated to be "a path lighted by a great flash of lightning" or, more simply, "Bright Path".

Did Jim Thorpe ever live in Jim Thorpe PA?

the hell he did no, but he went to school in the area, and the town is part of his legacy. No, and he did not go to school there. He was never even in the town. The town bought his remains as an attraction due to the steady decline of the entire area after the coal industry hit the skids. The ( Full Answer )

What NFL team did Jim Thorpe play for?

1920 - Canton Bulldogs 1921 - Cleveland Indians 1922-1923 - Oorang Indians 1924 - Rock Island Independents 1925 - Rock Island Independents and New York Giants 1926 - Canton Bulldogs 1928 - Chicago Cardinals

Who are famous native Americans of today?

Chris Eska the director of Smoke Signals also NW Indian, Sherman Alexie -famous writer idk what kinda Indian. Leonard Peltier -AIM, Dennis BAnks - AIM, Russell Means - AIM, Wilma Mankiller -bia, Robin Maxkii - BQR , Barbara Coe - CCIR, Winona LaDuke - WELRP, are all famous Indian activists. Ch ( Full Answer )

What was Jim thorpe childhood like?

when he was a child his mother brother and dad died.his brother died first mother second andhis father died last

What events in Track did Jim Thorpe do?

he did both speed and strength events he ran 200 and 1500 meters, threw the javelin and the discus, preforming the broad jump.

Who are some famous Native Americans from the cheyenne?

"Famous" is a relative term - some people will have heard of certain names, others will not, depending on their level of research and knowledge. A few names of some fairly well-known Cheyenne: . Buffalo Calf Road Woman, a female warrior at the Battle of the Rosebud who rescued her brother, Ch ( Full Answer )

Was Jim thorpe Native American?

Yes, Jim Thorpe was part Native American. He was also of Europeanancestry. He played football, baseball, basketball, and was also anOlympic athlete.

What tribe was Jim Thorpe in?

Thorpe was raised as a Sauk and Fox. His father's parents were Irish and Sauk and Fox and his mother's parents were French and Pottawatomie. Thorpe's mother was a descendant of Black Hawk, a great Sauk and Fox chief.

Was Jim thorpe the first native American to play pro sports?

No, there were others before him. Some of the baseball players who played in MLB before Jim Thorpe were ... 1) Louis Francis Sockalexis was from the Penobscot tribe and played outfield in MLB between 1897-1899 for the Cleveland Spiders of the National League. He was an excellent athlete and playe ( Full Answer )

Before jim thorpe were native americans allowed to play pro sports?

Yes Native Americans were allowed to play before Jim Thorpe. Typically the racial barrier in sports was specifically directed towards African Americans and generally players from Latin, Native American or other ethnic groups were allowed to play. One such example is Jimmy Claxton who was one of the ( Full Answer )

Why was Jim Thorpe famous?

because he was the greatest running back in the 20th century you big behind bouncy ball.

Who was the famous Native American Will Rogers?

Will Rogers A Cherokee-Cowboy, Will Rogers was a popular Native American actor,philanthropist, social commentator, Vaudevillian, comedian, andpresidential candidate. He was born William Peen Adair Rogers to awell respected and relatively wealthy family, and was often hailedas Oklahoma's favorite so ( Full Answer )

Who was famous Native Americans Jim rogers?

James Beeland "Jim" Rogers, Jr. (born October 19, 1942) is anAmerican businessman, investor and author. He is currently based inSingapore. Rogers is the Chairman of Rogers Holdings and BeelandInterests, Inc. He was the co-founder of the QuantumFund and creator of the Rogers International Commodit ( Full Answer )

How many points did Jim Thorpe get in the Decathlon?

8412.955. Jim Thorpe's standings in the 10 events of the 1912 Olympic decathlon: 1) 100 meter dash - 3rd - 904.8 points 2) Long Jump - 3rd - 830.95 points 3) Shotput - 1st - 809 points 4) High Jump - 1st - 958 points 5) 400 meter dash - 4th - 857.12 points 6) Discus - 3rd - 829.76 po ( Full Answer )

How did Jim Thorpe become famous?

Jim Thorpe wowed the sporting world by winning gold medals in the pentathlon and the decathlon in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. Later that year, against opponents like the fabled Army football team, he scored 25 touchdowns for the Carlisle Indian School. Then Thorpe played six years of professio ( Full Answer )

What happen to Jim Thorpe Olympic medals?

Jim Thorpe's medals were stripped of him because of professionalism. When the IOC changed the professionalism rule, he received his medals again.

Where was Jim Thorpe buried?

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. After Thorpe's death in 1953, his body was placed in a tomb in Tulsa, Oklahoma to await burial. The town leaders of Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania approached Thorpe's widow with a plan to 'purchase' his remains, erect a monument to him, and rename the town to Jim Thorpe in th ( Full Answer )

Which sport was Jim Thorpe the best at?

Thorpe was very good at mostly all sports, but he played his best years in football (american) So the answer would be football.

Who are famous living native Americans?

The wolfpack in twilight r mostly native but dey don't relly do nething, robin maxki was on da cover of vivrer dis yer bt she ain't famous lik twilight, Angelina jolie is Indian but she don't claim it much, johnny depp is super famnous but i don't think he helps Indians

What did Jim thorpe win?

The legendary Jim Thorpe won two Olympic Gold Medals at the 1912 Olympics in the Pentathlon and Decathlon .

Did Jim Thorpe live in California?

I'm not sure which one you're talking about. Assuming you're talking about the baseball player, he was born in Ok and died in NY. I think he did live in CA for a while. He lived in PA for a while.

Who did Jim Thorpe play for in Football?

1915-1917, 1919-1920, 1926 Canton Bulldogs, 1921 Cleveland Indians, 1922-1923 Oorang Indians, 1924 Rock Island Independents, 1925 New York Giants, 1928 Chicago Cardinals

Is zebrec imgs a famous Native American?

Definitely not. Zebrec appears to be the name of a modern computer programme used by comcast.net and imgs is a lazy way of writing the word images.

Why was Native American Chief Seattle famous?

The chief's name was definitely not Seattle - his name was really more like Si'alh, Seallh or Sealth (with a complex sound at the end not found in English) but white Americans could not be bothered to say it properly and settled for an approximation. He was (unusually) a chief of two differ ( Full Answer )

Are there famous native Americans in the mandans tribe?

The Mandan tribe is probably one of the least well-known of all North American groups, despite being "famous" for a false claim made about them in the 19th century. They were badly reduced in numbers by smallpox and other diseases, as well inter-tribal warfare; they only survived by combining with t ( Full Answer )

What is Mackenzie Thorpe famous for?

Mackenzie Thorpe is a British artist known most for his drawings and paintings. He is from the city of Middlesburgh, England; he was born in 1956. Although his art is quite famous across the Atlantic Ocean, typically only most knowledgeable in that subject know of him in the United States.

In American politics what was Jim Garrison famous for?

He was most famous for his investigation of the assassination of President John F Kennedy. His original name was "Earling Carothers Garrison", before he changed it into "Jim Garrison".

Was Jim thorpe a freemason?

The American athlete? Apparently not. On the other hand, the Englishman who worked in the Leyland truck factory was, although you probably have never heard of him.