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Who was in wrestlemaina 14?

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Well how do you mean? Austin vs Michaels was the main event

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Who undefetded at WWE in wrstilmaina?

If you mean who is undefetded at Wrestlemaina then your answers is the Undertaker. (His record is 18 - 0) Three most recent victories are; Wrestlemaina 26: Shawn Michaels (Retirement vs Streak Match) Wrestlemaina 25: Shawn michaels (This was the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania) Wrestlemaina 24: Edge (Through submission)

How many WrestleMania's were in Houston?

only 1, which was Wrestlemaina XV

How much did Andre the Giant weigh?

at wrestlemaina 3 he was 380 pounds

When is edge comeing back to WWE?

He should be coming back for WrestleMaina

Did rock return to WWE 2011?

yes he returned for wrestlemaina 27

When is wrestlemaina 26?

Wrestlemania 26 was March 28th 2010 in Glendale AZ

When does WrestleMania 30 start?

Wrestlemaina 30 starts in April 21 2015

What is the theme song for wrestlemaina 26?

it hasn't been decided yet rockstar nicelback

Where was wrestlemaina 22 held?

WrestleMania 22 was held at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

Who going to win wrestlemaina 24?

orton will win the wwe title taker will be 16-0

When is rock coming back to the WWE?

he is coming back to wrestle john cena at wrestlemaina 26

How do you unlock santino marella as zombie?

if u do undertakers wrestlemaina mode.u can do finily zombie too

Is Triple H gone forever after wrestlemaina xxviii?

no he is the COO of the company, he runs things backstage

When will RAW get its new GM?

After New Years Revolution probably.AnswerAt Wrestlemaina And It Will Be JR Answermore then likely never

Will Bret hart wrestle at wrestlemaina 26?

It's rumored that he will face Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 26.

How many times hbk won wrestlemaina?

He has wrestled at 16 of 25 wrestlemanias and only won six.

Where can you listen or watch WrestleMaina 23 online?

You can find it at www.wwe.com 1. Click on Wrestlemania on the left side and it should be there.

Is there a general manager mode in legends of wrestling 2009?

Is there a general manger mode in legends of wrestlemaina the ps3 game?

Is legends of wrestlemaina on ps2?

No it is a PS3 and Xbox 360 game. Showdown: Legends of Wresting was a Xbox & PS2 game

When will Shawn Michaels return after his defeat at wrestlemaina 25?

2010. he is said to be on a break to spend time with his family. he will return.

Who will win the WWE champion at wrestlemaina 24?

John cena he rocks! (ps.if you wanted to know his theme is the time is now)

Has edge left WWE?

He had an Achilles Tendon Its on of the hardest injury's to come back from, He should be back by the time WrestleMaina, Maybe

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