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Alan Turing

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Q: Who was involved in the inventing of the personal computer?
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What did Mark Dean invent?

Mark Dean is credited with inventing the personal computer. He holds at least 20 patents, including three of the original patents IBM had for the personal computer.

Who is Atanasoff in computing?

He was an American physicist who was involved in inventing what became known as the Atanasoff-Berry computer, which was the first electronic computer, completed in 1942.

What percent of money does bill gates get for inventing the computer?

Bill Gates did not invent the computer. The first drawings of the computer is credited to Charles Babbage. Bill Gates invented the Apple computer, an early personal computer.

Who was involved in inventing the internet?

There were many people involved with the internet.

Was inventing the computer in accident?


Who was involved in inventing the hovercraft?

Christopher Cockerill

The computer term PC stnds for?

Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).

Who is credited for inventing the computer and when?

Abraham Lincoln in 1999

What are the characteristics of a personal computer?

A personal computer is interactive and 'useful'.A personal computer is dedicated and 'user-friendly. A personal computer is co-operativ A personal computer is accessible. =]

What is the difference to personal computer and computer?

Personal computer (PC) is a computer that someone owns at there home. A computer that is not personal is owned by a business.

Person involved in the development of computer?

The Person Involved in the development of computer is The Person Involved in the development of computer

What does the computer term PC stand for?

Personal computer Personal computer.

When was the first personal computer created?

When was the first personal computer created?" When was the first personal computer created?"

Difference between desktop computer and personal computer?

The difference between desktop computer and personal computer is that desktop computer is for everyone and personal computer is for your own self!

What is personal computer system?

system of computer that is personal

What is a personal computer called?

Personal Computer = PC

Characteristics of personal computer?

what are the characteristic of personal computer

What is the purpose of inventing the computer?

The computer was invented for storing data, making fast calculations and easy communication.

Why is a Mac computer not a personal computer?

A Mac computer is a personal computer. The term PC has become synonymous with personal computers running the Windows operating system but any stand alone computer can be described as a personal computer.

How can computers be involved in crimes?

Yes because you may have a computer and they can hack into your account and steal all your personal information about yourself.

Who are the scientist discovered computer?

The computer wasn't discovered, it was invented. Charles Babbage is generally credited with inventing the first mechanical computer.

Who invented 2 computer?

ive heard of somebody inventing THE computer but never about 2 this some kind of new tech....

What is the name of a personal computer?

a Personal computer can call Microcomputer

What Daniel Keyes book is about inventing a computer that saves the world?

the trouble with elmo

What PC stands for?

personal computer PC stands for Personal Computer.