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The main character who looks for the treasure in national treasure is ben gates (character name.) His real name is Nicholas cage.

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Q: Who was looking for the treasure in the movie national treasure?
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In the Movie National Treasure what is the name of the treasure?

first movie- templar treasure second movie- city of gold: Cibola

In the movie national treasure what other name is Benjamin Franklin referred to as during the treasure hunt?

Silence Dogood was the name he used to write the letters. is that the answer you are looking for

Where is the movie at the end of national treasure?

uhm what?

Is the city of gold in the movie national treasure 2 real?

The National Treasure movies are fiction, so no.

Who does Jason earles play in National Treasure?

Jason Earles plays Thomas Gates in the movie, "National Treasure".

How accurate is the movie National Treasure?

69% accurate

How many parts of national treasure movie?


Songs and artists from the movie national treasure 2?

Trevor Rabin composed the score for both National Treasure movies.

Was there really a national treasure and a secret order who protects it?

Was there really a national treasure and a secret order that protects it or was it just a movie?

Where was the Declaration of independence stolen from in the movie National Treasure?

the national museum of history.

What is national treasure rated?

It's the worst movie ever.

Is there really a treasure like in national treasure?

it's highly doubtful. sorry bud.:( i want the treasure too! but this is reality not a movie...

Ben Gate's reward at the end of the movie in the movie National Treasure?

I wish I knew!

Who directed the National Treasure movie?

The director of the National Treasure movie starring Nicolas Cage was Jon Turteltaub. It came out in the year 2004 and was one of the good American adventurous films out there.

When is the movie National Treasure 3 going to be on DVD?

Fall 2012

In which movie did Nicholas Cage steal The Declaration of Independence?

National Treasure

Is national treasure book of secrets true?

No , Ofcourse not it's a movie ...

Where can download movie national treasure for free?


Who is Main girl character in the movie national treasure?

Diane Kruger

What is the movie that uses the dollar bill as a treasure map?

National Tresure

What are the gross worldwide earnings for the movie 'National Treasure?

National Treasure Domestic:$173,008, 894 Foreign: $174, 503,149 Total: $347, 512,149

Will there be a national treasure 3 movie?

yes there will be a national treasure 3 in 2009 It's past 2009. It's 2011, and it's still not out. Are they still making it?

When will national treasure 3 come out?

Probably. The movie is in early production stages.

Who is the hero of national treasure movie?

Ben Gates played by Nicolas Cage.

Was Thomas Gates the subject of the movie 'National Treasure'?

Thomas gates was the main point in the movie at the beginning