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In Greek mythology, the Titans were the parents of the Gods. Then the gods killed the Titans in a war

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The gods and titans were equally Strong but the titans would whit stand more than the gods, so technically it would be the titans who are stronger.

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Q: Who was more powerful the Gods or Titans?
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Is their anyone considered more powerful than the greek gods even by themselves?

The Titans existed before the gods and were more powerful.

What is the difference between gods and titans?

The Titans are the parents of the Greek Gods. It was Kronos, the titan of time, who gave birth to Zeus and his siblings. The Titans were cruel rulers, thus Zeus and the other gods fought with them and defeated them. They could not kill the immortal Titans, so they improsoned them in Tartarus (sp.) for all eternity. Short answer: Gods are the children of the Titans

Are the Titans or the gods stronger?

The gods managed to banish the Titans to the Underworld, which means they were stronger, or more cunning.

Are the Greek gods and Titans immortal?

Greek gods and Titans are immortal btw. If you want more info go to

Are the titans the gods of Olympus?

No, the Titans were not the gods of Olympus. The were sort of the generation before them. The Titans were the Elderly Gods.

How can titans annoy gods?

Well, the gods actually overthrew the titans. They then locked up the titans in various places. Basically, the titans were like gods before the gods.

What is the origin of the word titanic?

hey! ok. the origin of the word titanic comes from the greek myths. in the myths, the Titans were a race of powerful gods. therefore, titanic refers to something of strength and power. hope that helps :) ------------- The origin of the word "titanic", meaning of great force or power, comes from the Greek word, Titans. The Titans were powerful giants who were the parents of the Greek Gods. They proceeded the Gods and Goddesses.

How does titanium get its name?

It gets it's name from greek mythology, from the Titans. The Titans were incredibly strong and powerful gods. The Greek word Titan means "first sons on earth".

Did the titans rule the gods or the gods rule the titans?

At first, the titans ruled the gods.(gods were son and daughters of kronos, titian king) Then, Zeus overthrew Kronos (Cronus) and the gods ruled.

Why did Zeus and the other Greek gods destroy the titans?

Because the Titans hated the gods, and the gods hated the Titans, so the gods wanted rid of the titans. They used Kronos' scythe to cut him to bits and sent him to Tartarus.

Why are Greek villains Greek gods?

Greek villians are Titans. And titans arent greek gods. THey're TITANS.

Who ruled in the time before the more recent Greek Gods?

the Titans