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Who was notts forest goalkeeper for 1992 league cup final?

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Mark Croseley

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Who was the top goal scorer in the first season of the premier league?

Teddy Sheringham, 22 (Notts Forest and Spurs)

What division does Notts County participate in?

The division that Notts County participates in is the League One in England.

Are notts county oldes football club?

no there not its forest

Who transferred from reading to Portsmouth to notts forest to Manchester united to notts Forrest?

I think that was Neil Webb's career path.

What is the oldest football league ground?

notts county

Have notts county ever been in the premier league?

No. The last time they were in the top flight in England was the 1991-2 season. The Premier League was formed the year after; Notts having been relegated.

What is the oldest club in the English national football league?

Notts County

Which league one side are nicknamed the magpies?

Notts County FC.

Who was the first 1 million pound player?

Trevor Francis Birmingham to Notts Forest

Which two football clubs are closest to each other?

Notts County and Nottingham Forest

When is the earliest nufc can be promoted?

this weekend if Newcastle beet peterbourgh and notts forest loose

Did Stan collymore play for fulham?

no only Liverpool , notts forest , Aston villa

How many people can fit in the notts forest stadium?

Nottingham Forest's stadium capacity is currently 30,500.

Which football club has won their countries top league the most times?

sibunited. (: notts county

British teams to win European cup?

Liverpool, Celtic, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Aston Villa

How many clubs in Europe have won champions league?

Man Utd Liverpool Notts Forrest on even won the European Cup, not the Champions League

What is Notts Country's nickname?

If you mean Notts County then it is 'the magpies'

What year was notts county formed?

Notts County were formed in 1862.

Lincoln Newcastle millwall coventry leeds man city notts forest norwich san Jose earthquakes?

Darren huckerbee.

Who was the first footballer transferred between English clubs for a million pounds?

trevor francis. Signed by Brian Clough for Notts Forest

Who transfered from notts Forrest to man utd to notts Forrest?

Gary birtles

Who are the 5 oldest clubs in the football league?

Notts. County 1862, Stoke City 1863, Nottingham Forest 1865, Chesterfield 1866, Sheff. Wed 1867. Although FA and FIFA recognise Sheffield FC as oldest club in world, 1857.

When was Notts Rangers F.C. created?

Notts Rangers F.C. was created in 1868.

When was Notts County F.C. created?

Notts County F.C. was created in 1862.

What football team has its ground closest to the river Trent?

Notts County and Nottingham Forest have their stadiums on opposite sides of the same stretch of the River Trent.