Who was poppenhusen?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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See the early history of the Jenner & Block law firm on their website.

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Q: Who was poppenhusen?
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When did Conrad Poppenhusen die?

Conrad Poppenhusen died in 1883.

When was Conrad Poppenhusen born?

Conrad Poppenhusen was born in 1818.

When was Poppenhusen Institute created?

Poppenhusen Institute was created in 1868.

What is the phone number of the Poppenhusen in College Point?

The phone number of the Poppenhusen is: 718-359-1102.

Where is the Poppenhusen in College Point located?

The address of the Poppenhusen is: 121-23 14Th Avenue, College Point, 11356 1644

What has the author Astrid Poppenhusen written?

Astrid Poppenhusen has written: 'Durchkreuzung der Tropen: Paul Celans \\' -- subject(s): Deutsche Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft, OUR Brockhaus selection

What has the author James E Haas written?

James E. Haas has written: 'Rainbow Songs' 'Conrad Poppenhusen' -- subject(s): Biography, Businessmen, History, Long Island Railroad Company