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The Louisiana PurchaseThe United States acquired Louisiana from the French in 1803 in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. George Washington
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The US purchased Louisiana from the French.

Thomas Jefferson oversaw the Louisiana Purchase.

Thomas Jefferson "purchased" the Louisiana Territory in 1803

Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte after he purchased it from the Spanish.

AMERICA purchased louisiana in 1803

yes. he purchased it from the french in 1803.When he was the president was when he had purchased Louisiana so YES he did buy LouisianaNo

This is true. The United States purchased Louisiana from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

It was purchased from France in the year of 1802.

The U.S. didnt purchase Louisiana Territory from Britain they purchased it from France!!

Jefferson purchased the Louisiana area from a country, France.

No, it was purchased by Thomas Jefferson.

Purchased it with the Louisiana Purchase

Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from the French.

Louisiana was purchased by the US from France in 1803, not won.

Alaska - Purchased from Russia Hawaii Florida Louisiana purchase - Purchased from France Gladstone Purchase Texas

The Louisiana Territory was purchased for $15 million - approximately 5 cents per acre.

The Louisiana Purchase was about the westward expansion of the new United States. It was purchased from France in 1803 and amounted to 800,000 square miles of new land.

This land was purchased from France in 1803 for $15,000,000.

Louisiana Territory was purchased from France

They purchased Frances claim.... Louisiana.

Louisiana Purchase, 1803 The Louisiana Purchase encompassed 530,000,000 acres of territory in North America that the United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million.

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