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It was General Douglas MacArthur, until relieved of command and replaced by General Matthew Ridgeway.

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Who led the US forces in Korea?

General Douglas MacArthur

Who was the commander of forces in Korea us?

General Douglas MacArthur

Who was apppointed as a field commder of US forces in Korea?

initally General Douglas McArthur

Who was the commander of the United Nations forces in Korea during the Korean War?

US Army General Douglas MacArthur; later US Army General Ridgeway.

Who was commander of United Nations forces in Korea in the 1950's?

US Army General Douglas MacArthur.

Why did the US invade Korea?

The US, along with UN forces, attacked North Korean forces that had invaded South Korea in 1950.

Does Korea pay for us forces in Korea?

They helped in the Korean War.

What countries forces served in Korea?

US army is staying in south korea

Who was commander of US ground forces in Korea?


How many US troops are in Korea now?

See: United States Forces Korea

Why was general mac arthur removed as commander of us forces in Korea?

Primarily for provocative statements he made, threatening the use of nuclear weapons against the Chinese and North Korean forces.

Who controlled Korea in 1945?

Japan occupied Korea until its forces in Korea surrendered to the US in September of 1945.

President Harry S. Truman removed what man as commander of United Nations forces in Korea?

General Douglas MacArthur was removed by US President Harry S Truman as commander of the UN forces in Korea for insubordination on April 11, 1951.

The US military was involved in Korea as part of?

the United Nations forces, which protected South Korea from an invasion by North Korea.

What is Douglas MacArthur famous for?

Awarded the Medal of Honor, Commander of Allied forces in the Pacific in WW 2, 5 star General, Commander Allied Forces Korea, relieved of command by the President of the US.

Why did president Truman sent US military forces to south Korea?

To stop the invasion by North Korea

What was the goal of the us action in Korea?

To stop the communist forces from reuniting Korea under a communist government

Who was in charge of the UN response to the invasion of Seoul?

US General Douglas MacArthur was put in charge of the United Nations Forces in Korea at the beginning of the Korean War.

US response to the invasion of South Korea?

US landed in South Korea and attacked North Korean forces, ultimately Invading North Korea and also Chinese Air Space.

Why did World War 2 cause the division in Korea?

Toward the end of WW2 Russian military forces attacked the Japanese held areas of China and Northern Korea. US forces occupied South Korea.

Why was general Mac Aurthur fired from his command of the US forces in Korea?

He made several comments about the United States' conduct of the Korean conflict that incensed President Harry Truman.

Who was the us general in charge of US forces in Vietnam war?


What was the aim of the US in the beginning of the Korean war?

The aim of the United Nations, of which the US forces were the major part, was to prevent North Korea from taking over South Korea.

Who commanded US troops during the Korean War but was fired for insubordination?

General Douglas MacArthur was leader of the armed forces was fired for wanting to conduct an offensive deep into North Korea.

Who was the Allied commander of US forces in Korea?

GEN MacArthur in the beginning; Ridgway in the end.

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