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Tony Blair

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Q: Who was the UK prime minister at the millennium?
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Every Thursday the Queen of the UK meets the Prime Minister?

The current Prime Minister of the UK is David Cameron. Every Thursday, the Queen of the UK meets the Prime Minister.

Who was Scotlands prime minister in 1996?

Scotland does not have it's own Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of the UK is also the Prime Minister of Scotland.

Official residence of prime minister of UK?

If you mean the UK Prime Minister, it is 10 Downing Street London. The Australian Prime Minister lives in "The Lodge" in Canberra.

Who is the shadow prime minister of the UK?

The shadow prime minister is the leader of the opposition

Who became the Prime Minister of the UK during WWll?

Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of the UK during WWII.

Is Gordon Brown the prime minister of Germany?

No, Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of the UK.

Was Pittsburgh Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

William Pitt was a UK Prime Minister.

Prime minister of UK in second world war?

prime minister, Winston Churchill

Who is the deputy Prime minister of London?

London doesn't have a Prime Minister. The Deputy Prime Minister of the UK is Nick Clegg.

Who has never been prime minister in the UK?

Brian cant hasn't been prime minister

Who was the prime minister in 1995?

This depends on the country. Reask your question or see related questions. Canada: Jean Chretien was the Prime Minister in 1995. UK: John Major was the prime minister of the UK in 1995.

What is the prime minister like in India?

like the President in US or the Prime Minister in UK or Canada President in India however is not as powerful as the Prime Minister