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The blackmailer is Thomas Whiting but he is working with Dean Wojenski, Steuart Feeley and Mr. Feeley's assistant, Gary.

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how did they blackmail him?
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In "The Last Shot" by John Feinstein, the blackmailer is a former teammate of Stevie Thomas named Jason Quick. Quick tries to extort money from Stevie by threatening to expose his father's past actions if he does not comply.

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Thomas Whitting

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Q: Who was the blackmailer in the last shot by John Feinstein?
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What is the theme for Last Shot by John Feinstein?

Jesus Christ is our lord and savior

How many pages are in Last Shot?

The Last Shot by Sara Hubbard is 232 pages.Last Shot: Mystery at the Final Four is by John Feinstein. It has 258 pages.

Who is dean wojenski in the last shot by john feinstein?

In "The Last Shot" by John Feinstein, Dean Wojenski is a former college basketball coach who was fired for violating NCAA rules. He plays a minor role in the story as a mentor to one of the main characters, Stevie Thomas, who helps him navigate the world of college basketball.

Who is blackmailer in last shot final four mystery?

dean wojenki

What is the climax of last shot by john feinstien?

The climax of "Last Shot" by John Feinstein is when the protagonist, Stevie Thomas, uncovers the truth about the basketball scandal and is faced with a moral dilemma about whether to expose it or protect his friends. This moment brings the story to its peak of tension and conflict.

Who is the antagonist in Last Shot by John Feinstein?

The antagonist in "Last Shot" by John Feinstein is Stevie Thomas, a high school basketball player who is accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs. Throughout the story, Stevie's actions and motivations create conflict and serve as obstacles for the main characters.

What was the high point of last shot john feinstein?

The highpoint of the story was when Stevie and Susan Carol overhear a conversation between Chip Graber and a man in a suit blackmailing Chip

What is the order of the books related to last shot by johnn feinsten?

The books related to "Last Shot" by John Feinstein are: "Backfield Boys," "The Rivalry," "Rush for the Gold," and "Change-Up." Each book follows sports-related storylines and investigations similar to "Last Shot."

What is the 2nd rising action in the book last shot?

In the book "Last Shot" by John Feinstein, the 2nd rising action occurs when the young protagonists investigate a suspicious event at the Final Four basketball tournament, leading them to uncover a potential scandal involving sports gambling. This revelation propels the plot forward and intensifies the central conflict of the story.

What is the main idea of the book Last Shot?

"Last Shot" by John Feinstein follows two basketball reporters investigating a mysterious point-shaving scandal involving college basketball players. The main idea revolves around the themes of integrity, loyalty, and the impact of sports on individuals' lives. The book delves into the complexities of sports journalism and the importance of doing the right thing, even when facing difficult decisions.

Is Chip Graber A Real person?

Unfortunately, no. He was a fictional character in the book "Last Shot" by John Feinstein. In the book he is a Minnesota State college basketball teams star player, who is blackmailed into losing the Final Four championship to Duke. In the end he wins the championship and the bad guys are arrested

What actors and actresses appeared in Her Last Shot - 1912?

The cast of Her Last Shot - 1912 includes: Maurice Costello as John Lewis - the Farmer