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The captain aboard the Bellipotent in "Billy Budd" was Captain Edward Fairfax Vere. He is depicted as a conflicted character who ultimately faces a moral dilemma regarding the fate of Billy Budd.

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Q: Who was the captain aboard the billipotent in billy budd?
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What are billy budd's final words?

Billy Budd's final words in the novella "Billy Budd" by Herman Melville are "God bless Captain Vere!"

When was Billy Budd created?

Billy Budd was created in 1924.

What is billy budd's nickname on the bellipotent?

Billy Budd aka 'the handsome sailor' kapm

Which ballad is composed in the honor of billy budd?

"Ballad of Billy Budd" by Stan Ridgway is a song composed in honor of Billy Budd. It tells the story of the character Billy Budd from Herman Melville's novel, exploring themes of innocence and betrayal.

How many pages does Billy Budd have?

"Billy Budd" by Herman Melville has approximately 300 pages, depending on the edition and formatting.

What or who is Billy Budd?

Billy Budd is a novella by Herman Melville about a young sailor who is falsely accused of mutiny. The story explores themes of innocence and morality. Billy Budd is the protagonist and the title character of the novella.

Why did Melville make Billy Budd?

Melville made Billy Budd because he hates high school students.

What actors and actresses appeared in Billy Budd - 1988?

The cast of Billy Budd - 1988 includes: Clive Bayley as Ratcliffe Edward Byles as Red Whiskers Philip Guy Bromley as Mr. Flint Neil Howlett as Mr. Redburn Philip Langridge as Captain Vere Richard Van Allan as Claggart

What is a darby from Billy in the Darbies novel Billy Budd?

Darbies are British slang for handcuffs.

What is the difference in Billy Budd the book and Billy Budd the movie?

-Jenkins is not present in the book and dies-Billy calls out Claggart in movie-Claggart and Vere argue about lashings and Billy's promotion in movie-Claggart and Billy have a heart-to-heart together in movie-More dialogue in movie

What are some major quotes from Billy Budd?

rand unda

What are the recommendation in the story Billy Budd?

i want more conflict and climax