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Q: Who was the elected governor of the province in the Netherlands?
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What is An elected governor of a province of the Netherlands?

Commissaris van de Koningin

Who is an elected governor of a province of the Netherlands?

a guy named Alexander Freed

What is an elected governor of a province of the Netherlands called?

dont know doing that now!

Is a congressman higher than a governor?

No! They are both "local" elected officials but the governor is voted by the voters of the whole province whereas the congressman is only voted by the people in his district. If you don't already know, there are several districts that compose a whole province and thus the governor is the head of the state/province whereas a congressman, albeit he is a lawmaker, heads only a portion of the province which is called the district

What is the current form of government in BaLI?

Bali is an Indonesian province. It is therefore ruled by a governor. Indonesia is a republic, with an elected legislature and president.

Who is the governor in Spain?

Each province has a governor.

How many years can a governor be elected?

A governor is elected for four years.

What is a governor elected by?

The PeopleThe governor is elected by the people of the state he represents.

Who is the governor of Rizal province in the Philippines?

The governor of Rizal province is Gov. Casimiro A. Ynares III.

When was Samuel Adams elected governor?

He was elected governor on 1789-1793 then re-elected on 1794-1797

Are Florida's governor and lieutenant governor elected together or separately?

They are elected together.

Who is the administrative of a province?


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