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Who was the first NFL coach to have Gatorade dumped on him?

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I am pretty sure LT (Lawerence Taylor) dumped it on Bill Parcells ----

Actually, it was Jim Burt that first dumped Gatorade on Parcells after a regular season game against the Redskins in 1985. Actually,it was Jim Burt and Harry Carson . Contrary to popular belief, the Gatorade cooler dump did NOT start with the NY Giants in Super Bowl XXI, but was copied from the 1984 Chicago Bears Central Division Championship team. Dan Hampton dumped the Gatorade cooler on Mike Ditka after winning the 1984 NFC. 25 years later the 1984 Chicago Bears and Dan Hamption will get their credit during Super Bowl XLII when a special will be run commemorating this event and putting to an end the myth that the 1986 NY Giants were the first to do this.

2009-01-30 17:27:12
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Who was the first NFL coach for the NFL football team cardinals?

The Cardinals' first season in the NFL was 1920 and their head coach was Paddy Driscoll. He was head coach from 1920-1922.

Why do the NFL players throw water on the coach after they win the Super Bowl?

That 'tradition' was started in 1985 by Jim Burt, defensive tackle for the New York Giants, when he dumped Gatorade on head coach Bill Parcells after a victory in a game against the Washington Redskins. The story goes that Parcells was very hard on Burt in the week prior to the game, telling him that the Washington offensive line was going to "eat him up". Burt dumped the Gatorade as a sort of retaliation against Parcells. Parcells good naturedly accepted it and the 'tradition' was born. The first time it was done in a Super Bowl was 1987 when Harry Carson dumped a cooler on Parcells after the game was over. It is done in celebration.

Who was the first black coach in NFL?

Art Shell is not actually the first black head coach in the NFL. Fritz Pollard became the first head coach in NFL in 1922 when he recruited players for Brown Bombers. Art Shell is the first modern-day NFL head coach, but not technically the first ever.

Who was the first African American coach in the nfl?

The first head coach in the was Art Shell, but the first coach was Fritz Pollard.

Who was the first black NFL coach?

Fritz Pollard.

Who was first black coach in NFL?

Fritz Pollard.

What is the average salary of NFL Receiver coaches?

The average salary of an NFL receiver coach is about $3.25 million annually. The average salary drops if the coach is a first time NFL coach to about $2 million annually.

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An NFL coach can't be an NFL player and a Coach.

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The first head coach of the Arizona Cardinals professionally was Paddy Driscoll.

Who was the first qutarback?

Fritz Pollard was the first African American quarterback in the NFL. He was also the first African American coach in the NFL.

Who was the first black head coach in the NFL?

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In the modern era, yes.Fritz Pollard was a player/coach of the 1921 Akron Pros and would be considered the first African American head coach in NFL history.

Does the NFL or NBA dilute Gatorade?

I only know that the NBA doesn't dilute Gatorade.

Who was the first Muslim NFL coach?

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That was Elgie Tobin who led the 1920 Akron Pros to the first NFL championship.

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Art Shell

Who was the first NFL coach to call plays for his QB?

tom landry

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Art Shell became the first African American NFL head coach of the modern era when he was hired by the Los Angeles Raiders in 1989.

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Who was the first black NFL coach in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has no NFL team.No black NFL head coach has been a native of Oklahoma, although 3 were born in Texas. The hometowns of assistant coaches are not immediately available.