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Count de Grisley was the first magician to perform the trick of sawing a woman in half when he did it in 1799.

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Q: Who was the first magician to perform the trick of sawing a woman in half?
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Who was the first magician to perform?

Well the first magician ever to perform in front of people is Dedi, also known as Djedi or Djedy, he came from ancient Egypt. His first trick was tacking off a ducks head and reattaching it again but he could do this trick to all kinds of birds and animals as well. Jean Eugene Robert-houdin was the first modern magician, he was born in Paris, France in 1805 and made his debut in 1845.

What does a magician hold?

A magician holds various things at various times, depending on the trick they are about to perform; top hats, wands, cards, handkerchiefs, and saws are some examples of what a magician holds.

Would a magic trick become dangerous if the magician was a fake?

Most definitely, if you see some of the tricks professionals perform, such as sawing people in half or street magic involving the person doing something with glass or such, it's tricks like that with the potential for a hospital visit.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word magician?

The magician did a trick.

What do you call the wand that magician uses to help do a trick?

trick stick

How did the Masked Magician die?

deadly trick

What a magician says when he ends a trick?


What a magician says before starting a trick?

Lady's and gentleman I'm ______________Answer:The magician usually introduces a trick with a line of "patter" which explains the spurious origin of the trick and the mystery behind it.

What trick did tony hawk first perform in the 1999 X games?

The 900

What is abrakadabra?

Something a magician says when he finishes the magic act or trick.

How do magicians swallow things?

The magician don't swallow object they trick you

How does a magician do a magic trick?

He cheats! Nobody can use\do actual magic. Sometimes a magic trick is performed using science. Or it can be done by an illusion. So no magician or any person for that matter can use magic.

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