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Who was the first person to invent cell phones?


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Martin Cooper was the frist person to invent the first hand held phone and also the first to use it. On april 3, 2003 he made a caal.

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i think the first person to completely make an use the modern "cell phone" was Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone. That's what i found on google.

Cell phones are an invention, not a "discovery".

they did not have cell phones

The beginnings of the cell phone start with police radios in the 1940's, and the concept of the cell phone was developed in 1947 by Bell Labs. Yet, it wasn't until 1973 and Martin Cooper working for Mortorola. The first public cell phones were sold in 1984.

wires and technacal stuff like you do with a computer

Do you mean 'When were the first cell phones sold?' If so, the answer is in the mid 1980s.

First mobile phones has been established in 1973 by Dr. Cooper and the first person to make a call on a portable cellular phone in 1977.

No. The patent for the telephone was first granted in 1876. The first prototype cell phones were not made until the 1970s.

the 1st cell was about the size of the front of a car. (my teacher gets way off subject)

Cell phones are recent enough that a specific collective noun has not come into common use. When there is no collective noun, a noun that suits the circumstances is used. If it becomes used regularly and commonly, it eventually becomes 'the collective noun'.Since the industry is bent on customers constantly upgrading, a person may have a series of cell phones; a person may have a number of cell phones for different purposes, a variety of cell phones; an electronics department would have a selection of cell phones.Contributors have offered 'an exchange of cell phones', 'a ring of cell phones, and 'an annoyance of cell phones', and I would throw in 'a one upsmanship of cell phones'.A collective noun becomes a collective noun when it becomes the most commonly used term for something.

Cell phones started on April 3, 1973. This is the date that the very first cell phone call was made in the world!

The best person to ask about this is an older person who remembers life before cell phones (That was only 20 or so years ago!)- Life without cell phones was harder. If you wanted to communicate you would either write a letter or use the house phone. Cell phones are better than home phones because now cell phones are small, mobile, helpful, and even entertaining. Before cell phones you couldn't be traveling and use a cell phone for directions, nor could you download music if you were bored!

doctor martin cooper invented morden cell phones

There are cell phones for seniors. Most seniors prefer cell phones with limited options. The best cell phones for senior citizens can be found at

He didn't invent it. The credit is given to Dr. Martin Cooper who worked for Motorola and in 1973 he invented the first truly working cell phone. From 1973 to 1984 the cell phone was only sold to the government, but in 1984 it went on sale to the public. At that time the cell phones were modeled after land line phones, were big, and were heavy. They were carried in a bag and the entire bottom was the battery. Coverage is was very poor since there were few cell towers at the time.

Yes, there were cell phones. They were larger than modern day phones and much boxier. However, in 1996 Motorola came out with the first "Clamshell" phone.

Well, I'm too young to have had one, but I hear the service wasn't near as good as it is today. PLUS, the first cell phones were bigger than home phones. Makes ya thankful for our phones huh?

Sort of. He was part of the team that invented the first mobile phone, which is different then portable phones or car phones. There were phones around before he finished high school that were wireless. His group led the invention of what is now the common cell based handheld phone.

The first cell phones were not sold to the public, but were only used by the government. This was in 1974 and it wasn't until 1984 that cell phones were sold to the public.

to be honest Alexander Grambell and David Henderson were the first people to create cell phones well at least that is what I have inherited from all the research i have done. But their is no exact person to first have a cell phone because their are to many. I hoped this has answered your question to all the people who needed the answer sincerely- Twumwaah

because people want to have a better and quicker way of communicating, so they invent different types of communicating.

the first actual cellular phone was made in 1974 by Motorola but there were concepts that were similar to cell phones like 2 way radios and mobile car phones

who invented the cell phones was me..

who where cell phones available to

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