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Flora was the Goddess of Flowers. To others it was Demeter. Due to that Demeter was the Goddess of grains and plants.

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Aphrodite was the goddess of love. Persephone was the goddess of flowers and Springtime.

Persephone the Greek goddess of flowers nature and spring

the goddess of springtime (therefore all flowers) is Persephone, Hades' wife

She is the goddess of spring, along with the underworld.

The Roman goddess of flowers was Flora. She was also the goddess of the season of Spring and also of nature. She was one of the fertility goddesses, as well.

Chloris is the Greek goddess of flowers, and the personification of spring. She is the wife of Zephyrus, and her Roman counterpart is Floris.

Demeter is the greek goddess of harvest and flowers.

Chloris was the goddess of flowers (Greek equivalent of Flora). Whenever she talked, flowers came from her breath.

No, Flora is. Proserpina, or Proserpine was the Roman goddess of springtime.

Persephone in Greek. Proserpine or Flora in Rome. She was a goddess.

Flora was a goddess of flowers and the season of spring.

save flowers in your cabinet and give the harvest goddess flowers for each season.

She was the Goddess of Flowers and springtime.

Flora was the goddess of flowers and the season of spring, and also of vegetation.

There are two: Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Persephone, Goddess of Springtime and Flowers.

Persephone is indeed the goddess of flowers. She is only the goddess of flowers and the reason is clear- she was kidnapped by Hades, the greek god of the Underworld and forced to be his wife. I feel sorry for Persophone because I wouldn't want a husband known for bringing people to their death to the underworld.

Flores. The Latin word for flower is Flos. Flora is the goddess of flowers, not the word for flower.

Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers.

Her name was Flora in Roman Mythology. Words such as "floral" and other words and names that use the Latin root word "flora," are derived from the name of the Roman goddess of flowers. Additional note, for Greek Mythology: Demeter is the Greek goddess of vegetation and fruitfulness (the harvest), so she might also be the goddess of flowers in Greek Mythology.

Persephone was the Greek goddess that was kidnapped. She was kidnapped by Hades while she was picking flowers.

Flora is a goddess of flowers and holds domain over spring/blooming.

the goddess flora has the power of spring time and flowers .

The Roman goddess of Springtime, flowers, and the Queen of the Underworld.

A load of flowers. Flowers because she was the goddess of Spring.

Although the ancient Romans did not have a goddess specifically for springtime, the festival honoring the goddess Flora, called the Floralia, was held in late April. This festival was celebrated with flowers decking all public buildings and temples and the people dressing in colorful clothing. Flora was the goddess of flowers and vegetation.

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