Notorious Murderers and Serial Killers

Who was the most dangerous serial killer of all time?

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It's a toss up between Hitler and Sadam.

The criminal definition of a serial killer is basically a person

who selects individual victims to be murdered.

The US has more serial killers than any other country (85%). The

FBI estimates that at any given time between 20-50 unidentified

serial killers are committing their heinous acts of murder.

Given those statistics it is anyone's guess as to who might be

the most prolific serial killer.

Gary Ridgeway, "The Green River Killer" confessed to 48 murders

to avoid the death penalty, but authorities believe he may be

responsible for hundreds.

Ted Bundy was convicted of murdering 28 females including a

15-year-old although he denied that charge. Authorities believe

that Bundy like Ridgeway was guilty of hundreds of other unsolved

murders that occurred over many years.

One of the factors that make serial killers such an extreme

danger to society and so elusive to authorities is, they all appear

to be the "normal next door neighbor".

If we go by numbers of victims Christman Gniperdoliga killed 964

men between the years 1568-1581 after robbing them.

Actually that bodycount is far from the mark. The French Nobleman

named Gilles De Rais was responsible for Thousands of killings over

many years. He used to target children and he was extremely

perverted. He used to masturbate while the children were dying and

ejaculate on their dying bodies. He was responsible for over 4000

deaths before he was stopped. This man was very wealthy ( he had

more than 400 castles) He was eventually executed.

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