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Who was the oldest disciple?

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Q: Who was the oldest disciple?
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Who lived to be the oldest disciple in the bible?

Traditionally John is believed to have been the disciple who lived to the oldest age. He died of natural causes whereas most of the other disciples were martyred while still young.

Who was the oldest disciple of Jesus?

Probably Joseph of Arimathea who was a member of the Sanhedrin and thus an "elder in Israel."

Who was Jesus oldest disciple?

johnAnswer:From a scriptural perspective, the answer is unknown. The gospel accounts don't indicate the ages of any of the disciples/apostles.

How can you be a disciple of Jesus?

Decipher Him! ( Decipher = Disciple )

Was James a disciple of God?

James was a disciple.

How do you put disciple in a sentence?

Lolo is a disciple of.........

How do you become a disciple after confirmation?

Answer Appointment of disciple is over

Why was Oscar Romero a good disciple of jesus?

He was not a disciple.

How did Joseph become a disciple?

There was not a disciple called Joseph.

Was Cleopas a disciple or apostle?

A disciple, there was no apostle by that name.

A sentence with the word disciple?

Mark was a disciple of Jesus.

How did the disciple Jesus die?

Jesus was not a disciple he had disciples.

Who can be a disciple?

Every true follower of Jesus is a disciple

Which disciple lied about being Christ's disciple?


Is disciple a Christian band?

yes disciple is a christian band

In the word disciple what does ciple mean?

disciple means to be a follower!

Why is Pope Benedict a disciple?

Any follower of Christ is a disciple.

Was Saint Augustine a disciple?

Saint Augustine was a disciple in the sense he was a follower of Christ but he was not a disciple or apostle called by Jesus himself.

Who was the first to be called disciple?

The first disciple was Simon Peter. No, Was Andrew =)

Which disciple betrade Jesus?

Judas Iscariot was the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

Why did Paul the disciple die for human kind?

Paul was not a disciple , he was a apostle.

How do you use the word disciple in a sentence?

He was a disciple of the American way, capitalism.

What year was the band Disciple formed?

Disciple (Band) was formed in 1992.

Who was Jesus disciple Andrew?

Andrew is the elder brother of Peter the disciple.

What is the root word in disciple?

the word disciple came from the word disciplin