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Joe DiMaggio in 1939 and 1940.

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Are there any revolutionary war words that start with y?

There are only four: York (PA), Yankee, Yorktown, Yankee Doodle.

Which New York Yankees reliever has the most saves at the old Yankee Stadium?

Mariano Rivera (230 at the original Yankee Stadium, which is not only the most at Yankee Stadium, but the most at ANY ballpark).

What was baseball legend Mickey Mantle paid for his rookie year with the New York Yankees?

In 1951, New York Yankee rookie player Mickey Mantle was paid $7500. The salary would have been only $5,000, however, Yankee manager Casey Stengel, asked the Yankee owners to pay the $7500.

What major retail store takes Yankee Candle coupons?

I believe Yankee Candle are only sold at the Yankee Candle store. Because of this, the only place you can use the yankee coupons will be at the yankee candle store.

Did Alex Rodriguez wear both 7 and 13 as a New York Yankee?

No. Alex Rodriguez only wore the number 13 as a Yankee. The number 7 was retired in honor of Mickey Mantle.

Who wore number 91 on the 2009 New York Yankees?

Pitcher Alfredo Aceves is the only New York Yankee to wear number 91. He wore it from 2008 to 2010.

Who was the last major league player to win a batting title with two different teams?

Through the 2008 season, that is Ichiro Suzuki who won American League batting titles in 2004 and 2001 with the Seattle Mariners and won batting titles in the Japanese Pacific League with the Orix Blue Wave in seven consecutive seasons (1994-2000). Using only MLB stats, that is Bill Madlock who won batting titles with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1983 and 1981 and also won batting titles with the Chicago Cubs in 1975 and 1976.

Who is the only player in Major League history to win 4 National League batting titles and is not yet a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

larry walker Walker only won three batting titles. The answer, I believe, is Bill Madlock. Madlock won in 1975, 1976, 1981, & 1983.

Who was the only baseball team to win 3 straight World Series titles?

New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics

What number did Mike Lowell wear as a New York Yankee?

Mike Lowell wore #60 for the Yankees in 1998. He only played in eight games.

What movie starts with a letter y?

Yankee Doodle Dandy, Yellow Submarine, You Can Count On Me, You Only Live Once, You've Got Mail, Young Frankenstein, and Young Mr. Lincoln are movie titles.

Which Yankees got 30 stolen bases in 2009?

The only New York Yankee to get 30 stolen bases in the 2009 season was Derek Jeter, #2.

Who is the only batter to win a batting title in three different decades?

Kansas City Royals great George Brett won American League batting titles in 1975, 1980, and 1990.

How many Yankee Stadiums are there?

There are two Yankee Stadiums, but only one is open for the team. On May 13, 2010, the demolition of the original Yankee Stadium was finalized.

Who was the only nl 3rd baseman to win 4 batting titles?

Bill Madlock. Madlock won the National League batting title in 1975 and 1976 for the Chicago Cubs and 1981 and 1983 for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Is daddy Yankee hott?

Very hot..Daddy Yankee is the reggaeton King..You Know? gasolina. Rompe.Lo Que paso paso..All Are popular..i lke My daddy Yankee and i Love my daddy Yankee...The Big Boss And King Of Regaeton ..Only One DADDY YANKEE

Who is the only major league player to win batting titles his first two seasons?

Tony Oliva of the Minnesota Twins with .323 in 1964 and .321 in 1965.

Do snowmobiles have titles in Washington?

No Washington state does not issue titles for snowmobiles, registration only.

Who was the first New York Yankees MVP in an all-star game?

Derek Jeter was the first and only New York Yankee to win the Major League Baseball All Star MVP Award. Derek won the award in 2000.

How many years did Derek Jeter play for the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter is in his 16th full season as a Yankee player (1996-2011). He only played in 15 games in 1995.

What New York Yankee pitcher holds the record for the least amount of losses in a season?

Ron Guidry posted only three losses in the 1978 season. He pitched in 35 games that year.

Does the PS3 play all PS1 games?

no Sony says it only plays select titles and that means that it will only play some titles and not all.

What Yankee is the only man to have a HR in his first and only World Series AB?

Jim Mason

Why doesn't Ronan Tynan sing at the New York Yankee games anymore?

He only does on certain special occasions like 4th of July. Really nice guy I sang with him on July 27 2008.

Do coyotes live in North American deserts?

There are a some who do, but only where they can hunt for food. Surpisingly, many coyotes these days live in towns and cities. There used to be a coyote living in Yankee Stadium in New York.