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There was no confederate soldier ever pictured on confederacy currency. General George Washington was featured on one of the bank notes that was in circulation.

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Who was the only Confederate soldier to be pictured on Confederate currency?


Who was fighting the south in the civil war?

On the south the Confederate soldier, on the north, the Union soldier. Thus the Confederacy vs the Union.

Who did Georgians choose as their two senators during Reconstruction?

Herschel Johnson (a former Confederate soldier) and Alexander Stephens (former vice president of the Confederacy)

How did the Confederacy allocate salt among its troops?

The Confederate armies allocated a defined amount of salt to its soldiers. When salt was available, the army allocated one and a half pounds of salt to each soldier. Salt was so valuable that it became a substitute for currency. It became a barter item.

How do you join the daughters of the Confederacy?

If there isn't a local Chapter in your city you can contact the business office (see the United Daughters of the Confederacy website) and they will assist you in finding the nearest Chapter. You have to prove your lineage to a Confederate soldier. Good Luck!

What are the confederates?

'Confederate' usually means a soldier in the army of the Confederacy, the Southern part of the United States which tied to form a separate nation in 1861, and started the Civil War.

Was john Wilkes booth a confederate soldier?

No. He was a Confederate sympathizer.

Did John Wayne ever play a confederate soldier?

Rooster Cogburn and The Searchers Wayne was an ex-confederate soldier.

What was a name for southern soldier?

A Confederate soldier that was a southerner soilder .

Did Jackson rathbone play a confederate soldier?

Jackson Rathbone played as Jasper in Twilight. Jasper Hale was a Confederate soldier in the Confederate army in the Civil War.

What was the name given to the southern states during the American Civil War?

Some of the names applied to the Southern soldier: Seesesh, Secessionist, Reb, Rebel, Johnny, and Johnny Reb. These names were also used to denote the Confederate Armies, the Confederacy or any state that was a part of the Confederacy. The name for the states in rebellion was The Confederate States of America.

Did Jackson rathbone play a confederate soldier in a movie if so what movie?

Yes Jackson plays a Confederate soldier in Twilight.

What is the irony at the end of 'A Horseman in the Sky'?

A Union soldier under orders shot dead a Confederate soldier riding across the battlefied. The Union soldier then tells his officer that the Confederate soldier was his father.

How does a confederate soldier live?


Was Mark Twain a Union or Confederate?

Mark Twain was briefly a Confederate soldier.

What did the confederacy eat during Battle of Vicksburg?

Confederate food supplies ran out very quickly. The soldier and civilian population ate horses, mules, dogs, and in extreme cases, shoe leather.

What did Jefferson Davis of the confederacy agree to do to help with dwindling soldier numbers?

=first and only president of the Confederacy.==first and only president of the Confederacy.=

What is a common term for a confederate soldier?


Common name for a confederate soldier?

a Rebel

Was Colonel Charles Olmstead a Confederate Soldier or Union Soldier?

Col. Charles H. Olmsted, of Savannah was a confederate -User:Sailstu.

Common term for a confederate soldier?

it's a rebel

Was President Lincoln a confederate soldier?

No, he was president of the Union.

Why did Chester on Gunsmoke limp?

He was a wounded Confederate soldier

Confederate soldier name that begins with x?


Is newton Scott a union or confederate soldier?


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