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President Fidel V. Ramos

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Q: Who was the president approved Rizal Law?
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Who approved the Rizal's law?

The Rizal Law was approved by the Philippine Congress on June 12, 1956.

When was the Rizal law approved?

The Rizal Law was approved on June 12, 1956.

What is the newest law approved by the president of the philippines?

cybercrime law

Who signed the rizal law?

President Carlos P. Garcia signed the Rizal Law, officially known as Republic Act No. 1425, on June 12, 1956. This law mandates the study of the life and works of Jose Rizal in all public and private schools in the Philippines.

A bill cannot become a law until it is what?

Approved by the President.

Is there a Rizal law?

Yes, the Rizal Law, officially known as Republic Act 1425, is a Philippine law that mandates the teaching of the life, works, and writings of national hero Jose Rizal in all schools in the country. It aims to promote nationalism and a deeper appreciation of Philippine history and culture.

What best describe the relationship between a bill and a law?

a bill becomes a law once it is approved by both houses in the legislature, is proven constitutional, and is approved by the president

Why is it hard to get laws approved in the presidential system?

It is sometimes very difficult to get laws approved in the presidential system because the president has the right to veto, say no to a law, the law

Does President Jose Mujica of Uruguay support or oppose same-sex marriage?

Supports. The law is already approved by the one of the chambers and has to be approved by the Senate now on 2013. Once that's done (if it's) the president will make it a law.

What happens to make a bill become a law?

has to be approved by house of rep. , president and the senate.

Who can agree to a bill before it can become a law?

In the United States, when a bill that has been approved by both Houses of Congress, it is sent to the President. Thus a bill can become a law when the President signs it into law.

Is a bill a law?

nobill was written by smart people. Law is written y the idiots running our country now