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The writer of the play "City of Dionysia" is unknown. It was a competition during the Dionysia festival in ancient Athens where various playwrights would submit their works anonymously to be performed.

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Q: Who was the writer of the greek play city of dionysus?
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The subject of of the final ode in the play is Dionysus.

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The followers of the Greek goddess Dionysus, known as Bacchae or Maenads, were known for their love of music and dance. They would engage in energetic and ecstatic celebrations in honor of Dionysus, often accompanied by music, singing, and dancing.

The god of wine and intoxication?

Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and revelry. His Greek analogue was Dionysos. In each culture, he was honored through dramatic festivals. Euripides' play The Bacchants features Dionysos as he was worshipped by the Maenads, frenzied women.

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The chorus praises Dionysus in the Paean because he is the god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy. They celebrate his role in bringing joy, inspiration, and liberation to mortals through the consumption of wine and the revelry associated with his festivals. Dionysus is also seen as a protector of the arts and a source of divine inspiration for creativity and passion.

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