Who was yodas master?

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Yoda did not have a master, he was the ultimate jedi.
While I agree Yoda was the ultimate jedi, he had a master. His master's name was Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo.
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Did yoda have a master?

Yes, Master N'Kata Del Gormo who is that i heard nothing about that in the movies

What is Yoda?

He is a 900 year old creature form the well known series, Star Wars . Yoda is a Whill from a planet called Grentarik.

Who is the master of Yoda?

perhaps the most powerful jedi there is and has a specil connection with the fors thought small and is about 850 years old he is still an amazing fighter with a short lightsab

Why did master yoda died?

Because at the age his species only lives about 899 years, Yoda lived longer. - Mr. Seidsclag

Is master yoda the most powerful jedi?

no. Luke Skywalker is. although he was taught by Yoda and Obi-wan... he was able to learn more about the force than the two had ever dreamed about when they were alive. he the

How old was master yoda when he died?

900 im sure he died at dagobah in front of luke. i remember him saying coming upon me twilight is erest i must and he tells luke their is another skywalker before he dies that

Who played master yoda?

Master Yoda was voiced and manipulated by puppeteer Frank Oz .

Who was the master of yoda?

According to an article in Star Wars Galaxy magazine (Issue 9; published Fall 1996) Yoda's master was a hysalyrian named: N'Kata Del Gormo
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What planet is master Yoda in?

Yoda is first seen upon the planet named Dagobah .
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Who was master yodas master?

it was probably someone from the old republic. .
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Did Palpatine know that Master Yoda survived there duel?

No, in the novel Palpatine ordered the clones to destroy the Senate Building and was told that there was no way that Yoda could have survived. However, in the Return Of The Je