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A garter belts is an intimate apparel which women wear in order to hold up their stockings. Many women, regardless of age still wear them as it makes them feel sexy and beautiful. Some adult performers wear them as part of their costumes as well as brides often wear them under their wedding dresses.

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Q: Who wears garter belts these days?
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What do you do if you son wears garter belts?

Not many things can be done if you son wears garter belts. The parents could ask their son why he is wearing the garter belts and they can chose to accept his decision.

Are there stockings that don't need garter belts?

these days the waist band is made with a material for keeping the garter up and no need for belts

What do garter belts symbolize?

A garter belt represents the feminine part of you.

Are garter belts comfortable?

Whether garter belts are comfortable or not is a matter of opinion. Different companies and styles can be more comfortable then others.

Where can garter belts be purchased?

Garter belts can be found in certain clothing stores. One of the best places to look would be at a Victoria's Secret store or a similar retailer. The websites for these stores also sell the same products.

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What does the Bride wear on her thigh during the Wedding?

The bride wears a garter about three inches above her knee. When it's time she will sit on a chair and music will play; the groom will make a big production of taking the garter off his bride and then throwing it over his shoulder to the single men behind him. Whoever catches the garter is suppose to be the next one married.

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