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uprooted sheep farmers from eastern and western England

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Q: Who were many of the early puritan settlers of America?
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Many of the early Puritan Settlers of America were?

uprooted sheep farmers from eastern and western England (D)

How fast did mayflower travel?

The Mayflower was a boat that the early settlers of America traveled on. This Mayflower took many months to travel from Europe to North America.

What are some conflicts experienced by early settlers in colonial america?

There were many issues experienced by early settlers in colonial America. One of the most significant was the concept of religious principles. As the colonies became more diverse, new religions were introduced that threatened tradition protestant values.

What was the political structure of the Massachusetts bay colony?

the political structure of new york colony is STOP CHEATING OFF THE INTERNET and lookin for answers..

What was the role that Calvinism played in the early history of America?

In the early history of America, Calvinism played a role in religion. Many of the settlers practiced religion that was a natural outgrowth of the principles Calvin believed. As colonies spread, Calvinism was not as rigid.

Which settlers were few while the British settlers were many By the middle of the 1700s in North America?

The French settlers.

After the Native Americans died from the European disease who preformed the labor for European colonists?

People that were kidnapped and transported to America from Africa. However there were many early settlers in America that performed their own labour as well.

What country did not contribute many early settlers or immigrants?


Many of the early settlers felt that god had paved away for their being here what evidence did they find here that supported that feeling?

how would early settlers felt

How many frence settled in America?


How many colonies were established in north America by English settlers?


Who were the early settlers of Quebec and why did they choose that area to settle?

Many of the early settlers were french and the first settlement there was st Lawrence.May settled there for it's fertile soil and because the agriculture there was enormous.