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The guests.

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Q: Who were the 10 Indians from the book And Then There Were None?
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Agatha Christie wrote the book Ten Little Indians, but it is know titled "And Then There Were None"The poem used in the story, however, is written by Frank J. Green (with words replaced).The first version was written by Septimus WinnerSources:Ten Little Indians wikiTen Little Indians (novel) wiki

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The antagonist, or murderer, in "And Then There Were None" is none other than Miss Vera Claythorne. You would find this out by looking at her conversation with Philip Lombard at the end of the book when they find Armstrong's body washed up on shore. However, if you are reading "Ten Little Indians" (which is "And Then There Were None" in play form) you would find that Mr. Lawrence Wargrave is the murderer.

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And Then There Were None is a murder mystery novel and later play by Agatha Christie. The basic plot surrounds 10 people who are invited to a party on an island by a Mr and Mrs Owen. When they get there they find a strange nursery rhyme called "10 little Indians" a nursery rhyme where the aforementioned indians suffer strange and unsual fate's until there were none. On the first night on the island a strange record is played accusing all of the guests of being involved directly or indirectly of various murders. They then begin to gradually get killed off one by one according to each line of 10 little indians poem. It's up to the guests discover who the murderer is and stop them before all of them are killed.