Who were the Apollo 17 astronauts?

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There were 3 Apollo 17 astronauts. Eugene Ceran and Harrison Schmidt landed on the moon and Ronald Evans stayed in orbit around the moon.

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Q: Who were the Apollo 17 astronauts?
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How might the experience of the Apollo 17 astronauts been different from the Apollo 11 astronauts?

The difference of the apollo 11 astronauts wand the Apollo 17 astronaut was that in Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt was a scientist, while All in the Apollo 11 were astronauts.

Who where the last astronauts on the moon and when?

The last astronauts to walk on the moon were Apollo 17. On 19/12/1972.

Which Apollo mission has astronauts walking on the moon?

Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 did.

Who went the moon?

12 Apollo astronauts have walked on the Moon. see Wikipedia entry for Apollo's 11-17

When did the astronauts enter Apollo 11?

The astronauts entered the Apollo spacecraft by a hatch.

How long did the 12 people stay on the moon?

Each of the Apollo astronauts stayed longer on the moon, Apollo 17 astronauts stayed the longest on the moon, they made several moon trips in their buggy.

How many astronauts were in Apollo?

The question is not clear, there were three astronauts at a time in a Apollo mission , and there were 11 Apollo missions.

Who did the last Apollo mission?

The last manned moon mission was the Apollo 17 , with astronauts Eugene Cernan, harrison Schmitt to walk on the moon.

Did Apollo 13 astronauts survive?

Yes the Apollo 13 astronauts did very well survive the Apollo 13 blast.

What did the astronauts of Apollo 13 do to survive on the space shuttle?

The Apollo 13 astronauts were not on the space shuttle.

Were the Apollo astronauts the only men to walk on the moon?

Yes all the Apollo astronauts were men.

How many astronauts in Apollo 13?

3 astronauts on Apollo 13 one of them did not go up but he went up on Apollo 14.

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