Who were the first Figure skaters at the Olympics?

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The special figures contest was won by Russian Nikolai Panin, who gave his country its first ever Olympic gold medal. He remains the event's sole winner, as it was subsequently dropped from the program. Ice dance joined as a medal sport in 1976, after appearing as a demonstration event at Grenoble 1968.
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Are Olympic figure skaters making a living at figure skating?

It depends on the skater and what country they are from. Some will "turn pro" meaning they can not compete in another Olympics or other official championships, but they can go

Who is the oldest Olympic figure skater?

The oldest athlete to compete in Olympic figure skating was Joseph Savage of the United States who was 52 years, 267 days old when he competed in mixed pairs competition at th

Who was the figure skater who got silver in the Nagano Olympics?

1998 Olympic Winter Games - Nagano, Japan - Figure Skating Medal Winners Mens: Gold - Ilia Kulik (RUS) Silver - Elvis Stojko (CAN) Philippe Candeloro (FRA) . Ladies: Gold

Who is first figure skater to win gold medal in Olympics?

History has not recorded that honor as the events concluded on the same day and the clock times of the events were not recorded. Figure skating was first competed at the 19
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Who was and how old was the youngest Olympic figure skater?

I believe that would have been Cecilia Colledge, she was 11 years and three months old when she competed in the winter Olympics in Britain 1932. She died April/23/2008 at the
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Which men's singles figure skater has 4 Olympic medals?

Evgeni Plushenko is the only male singles skater in the modern era to have won four Olympic medals, winning one in each of four consecutive Winter Games. He won silver in the